Monday, April 10, 2006

The Masters, the weekend, Latrell Sprewell, and the Greatest Video ever

I was totally disappointed in the Masters. Seriously, could that have been a better setup for a final round? And then what happened?

Hit a putt Tiger, for God's sake, hit a putt... please.

Hit a putt Freddie. Please.

Phil Mickelson runs away with it and nobody makes a run at him. The closest thing was Tim Clark. Vijay does not, Tiger does not, Els goes in the tank, Goosen is not around. Ahhhhhh!

It was a beautiful Sunday in Memphis and I was so excited to sit and watch the best tournament of the year, and that is what I get?

Why is it that if Tiger is in the lead, he never loses, and when he has to come from behind, he never wins? I will never understand that.

Thank you to Rocco Mediate. His 10 made the average guy feel good.

Random thoughts....

The Grizz lost to the Spurs in "we don't have a go-to guy" Part 150 in 5 years.

I hate Jason Issringhausen. I hope I spelled his name wrong I hate him so bad.

How about Latrell Sprewell? He has been a problem, he said the dumbest thing in world history with the "gotta feed my family" statement, but for a million bucks (vet minimum for rest of year) do you want a guy that could create his own shot? Don't tell me about chemistry, they are gonna lose in the playoffs anyway. Why not? Maybe he will choke Fratello.

I think Brett Favre has earned it. If you are not a Green Bay fan, what do you care? And if you are, you should want him back whenever he decides. If Ted Thompson is fine with waiting, why does anyone else care?

I would not be surprised if Cal leaves. NC State is a good job and a lot of money. He is gonna go sometime. I could care less what the guy gets paid... If you are Memphis, give him all that you can. If it is not enough, so be it. It is a terrible time though, coaches have already signed other places. Give me Pete Gillen.. hahahaha.

I am live @ the Hilton today for the Tennessee Boosters Club dinner. Fulmer and Pearl will both be on the show.

This is the greatest video ever.....
A collection of Shawn Bradley getting dunked on.

Thanks for coming by.. sorry for the delay.. I am back for the long haul on this blog. Check for regular updates.

Did I mention that I hate Jason Issringhausen?