Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lion vs. Bear


Today on the show, we had the debate on who would win a fight between a bear and a lion. Here is a video of a bear fighting a lion. I am on the lion side of things. If you heard the show, you know my dad emailed to support the bear a few different times. Since posting the video, he sent me this...

That is a small little brown bear - I turned it off as soon as I saw the bear - not anything at all like what I was talking about. That bear is 1/4 the size of a full grown grizzly. And worse it isn't a grizzly at all. Dad

The basis of the argument was average bear vs. average lion. I think we have achieved this in the video and the lion is the clear victor. I am so smart and I have not stopped celebrating since Roser found the video. I expect everyone to call in and apologize to me tomorrow.

Thank you to listener Brad for submitting this video of a grizzly bear vs. a man. Truly telling...