Tuesday, June 14, 2005


When do you go on the air?

It looks like the launch date will be mid-to-late July, but for sure by SEC Media Days in Birmingham. While I miss being on the air, this is fine by me. If there was one month of the year that I could sit out, this would be it. I don't have to tell you this if you are listening to it. It also gives me time to get to Bristol, work with Rick Scott, and continue to work on designing the new show.

What the heck is up with the signal?

This is what happens. Simmons Media (the company) buys a signal that can be boosted. As you are reading this, there is a tech crew working on getting the 4 new towers up. The signal will be really good in the entire greater Memphis area, and should reach even those of you further away. There is really no way to know for sure until everything gets done.

What happens to Gary, Ron, Bert Sugar, etc.?

Gary is sticking with me. Gary is not only a great asset to the show, he is a good friend. Gary helped me a ton in making my decision, and he knows that one of my concerns was making sure we could keep what we have built with Gary Parrish Wenesdays. Ledbetter stays with us for that. Tillery has been given a gig at Sports 56 doing the morning show. I loved working with Ron, who is also a good friend, and I am happy for him. I would never wish getting up at 4:30 in the morning on anyone. Bert Sugar will be a weekly guest on the show, he is the best. Jim Denton and the other regulars come too.

What about the guests?

Hahaahahahahaha. "Oh, Chris is leaving, but he wasn't responsible for his guests." This is a great subject. I told you from the start that we will have the best guests in Memphis sports radio. That will never change. As long as I am in that seat, it's like Vince Carter in the dunk contest, it's over. We will have some of the best producers you can find with me in this endeavor, so the guests, now with the ESPN affiliation, only get bigger and better.

How do I get a job at ESPN 730?

email me your info and desires, and I will pass them on. I have already told many of you that asked that there will be internships available.

I will update this tomorrow. Feel free to ask anything else, and I will get you the answers.