Thursday, April 30, 2009

Glynn Cyprien, Craig Brewer (The Audio)

New Memphis Tigers bball assistant Glynn Cyprien appeared on the show today to talk about getting the job, recruiting, etc. (Segment 3)

Memphis film director Craig Brewer joined us in studio in the last hour of the show to talk about the premiere of his new project Five $ Cover on MTV. (Segments 7,8,9)

Both interviews are available in the splashcast player at (bottom right corner). The show is broken into segments so you can scroll to any of them. Check it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Craig Brewer in studio Thursday

Craig (Director of Hustle and Flow, Black Snake Moan) will be in studio in the last hour of the show on Thursday. The new Craig Brewer project, Five Dollar Cover, will premiere at the Paradiso on Thursday night and premiere on MTV Friday night. You can check out the Five Dollar Cover website HERE.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chris Wallace on blast, Sonny Vaccaro now a regular

Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace has been a weekly guest on the show since he got the job with the team. Unfortunately, Mr. Wallace has decided to make some questionable decisions regarding his treatment of me and Roser. He has failed to defend us when given the chance, and then committed the egregious crime of defaming us in our own studio when on with Geoff and Gary. You mess with the bulls, you get the horns. We go for the jugular. Therefore, when Wallace came to the studio on Wednesday, we had our response ready. Now he knows. You can here the entire segment (his reaction and response) by checking the podcast at Here is the song if you missed it...

Hey Roser! (Chris Wallace on blast)

Also, on another programming note, Sonny Vacarro (coming of his brilliant performance on the show on Friday) has agreed to be a Chris Vernon Show regular and will be on at 5 oclock every Friday. I am absolutely thrilled about this. The guy is tremendous radio every single time. Should be fun.

Sonny was certainly in the news today. NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLE

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Grizzlies Media Game Video

So the Grizzlies put up the video of the media game and just sent me the link. Of course, my trash talk is featured prominently and was spectacular as always. I did my best to play along, and how am I rewarded? With them showing two clips of Verno the Great from the entire game... one is of one of the two shots I missed the entire game, and one is of a chase down foul at the end of the game. So let me get this right... I dominate everyone, lead the game in scoring, back up all my talk, and this is my reward? Depriving the public of my greatness? I guess I will just have to put out my own mixtape of my performance. --- Where injustice happens.

Here is the video.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Willis Wilson, John Parker Wilson on the show

Two Wilson's were on the show.
New Memphis Tigers Basketball Assistant Coach Willis Wilson called from the office and was on at 5 oclock.
Former Alabama QB John Parker Wilson is getting ready for the NFL Draft and was on the show in the 4 oclock hour.
Jeff Goodman was on for his weekly spot in the last segment of the first hour.
The audio is available @ Scroll to the bottom of the page and the shows are podcasted everyday.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sonny Vaccaro, Andy Dolich on show (The Audio)

Sonny came on the show and was as fantastic as he always is. We are working on him being on the show every Friday. He talked about the Brandon Jennings and the results of him playing in Europe,(as well as how good Jennings is compared to the likes of Ricky Rubio), the John Wall situation (with him telling us where he thinks Wall will be last year), and draft prospects. He was sensational. It was one of my favorite interviews of the year.

Sonny Vaccaro on The Chris Vernon Show (4-17-09)

A man who used to be a regular on the show, Andy Dolich, was back in town for the weekend. Andy was the President of Business Ops for the Grizzlies for the first 7 years here, and is now the C.O.O. of the San Francisco 49ers. He joined us in studio, where he talked about the position the Grizzlies are in and was extremely honest about everything, including what he would do if he were still here. He also outlines the mistakes that were made with the team. It was very interesting to hear his view on things as a former big-wig with the team.

Andy Dolich on The Chris Vernon Show (4-17-09)

Sonny Vaccaro scheduled for show today

Sonny was recently featured on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel in a story about Brandon Jennings. Sonny brokered the deal that sent Jennings (the number 1 high school player in the nation) to Europe this past year. Sonny was also interviewed by Parrish about the John Wall situation. Sonny will join us on the show today, and we will talk about these stories, as well as the upcoming draft class. Jennnings intrigues me tremendously because the guy did not have a great season in Europe, but I sense he will win over everybody in the workouts before the draft. Check out this video of the kid in high school. All highlight videos look good, but this falls in the "holy crap" category.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cardinal batting stances (Batting Stance Guy)

Batting Stance Guy is one of my favorites. Willie McGee slays me everytime.

Cardinals start killing Cubs on Thursday

This guy cannot remember the Cubs winning a World Series..

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Mavs Jason Terry on Coach Josh Pastner...

“All the former U of A guys, he would get 800 thumbs up from us. I’ve talked to A.J. Bramlett, Mike Bibby, Richard Jefferson and Luke Walton about this and they all know what Josh has meant to that program all these years,” Terry told last week before the school hired Xavier’s Sean Miller. “Abdul Gaddy would have stayed if Josh or Lute Olson was on the staff last year. As far as recruiting, Josh Pastner is your guy, he’s the one who is going to make it happen, and he has so many connections across the south, throughout the whole west coast, and all across the country. He should be our coach.”

Nice endorsement.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tigers Coach Josh Pastner (The Audio)

Coach Pastner came on the show today after being named the new head coach at Memphis. We talked about everything I could think of. The audio is below if you missed it. Also, the entire show is always available in full form at

Tigers Head Coach Josh Pastner on The Chris Vernon Show (4-7-09)

and the best email of the day went to Conway's little brother. He sent me the following...

From the NCAA Dictionary

Point Leonard (point leh-nerd) - n. The point at which an AD on a coaching search, running out of options, suddenly realizes, "Oh my God, we're actually thinking about hiring Leonard Hamilton!!"; at which point, he throws his hands up, and promotes the assistant coach.

"R. C. Johnson arrived at Point Leonard on Monday."

New Tiger Coach Josh Pastner on the show

Tigers coach Josh Pastner will be on the show today in the second segment of the 4 oclock hour. Check it.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Thanks to listener David for the poster

Friday, April 03, 2009

Thursday, April 02, 2009

It is over: Bruce Pearl staying in Knoxville

Pretty depressing. Fun idea while it lasted. Here is the story...

Oh dear... now the story is that not only did he not turn a deal down, but he was never talked to? Please, please let this not be true. I think I am going to be throwing up for the rest of the night.

Memphis film director Craig Brewer on Cal

Craig (director of Hustle and Flow, Blake Snake Moan) called me this morning to tell me that he has a web channel on youtube and that he has a new video up about Coach Cal leaving. He also told me that 5 Dollar Cover (show for MTV) will be starting at the beginning of April. It is gonna be huge for the Memphis music scene. Craig is puttting new videos up on the site all the time.
He will be coming in studio soon. Anyway, here is a link to Craig's channel...
My Brewtube
Listener David created the above and sent it to me today.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Appearance on the Dan Patrick Show

I was on with Dan for the second time this week (Thanks Dan, thanks Paulie!) talking about the Cal situation. If you want to check it out...

Segment on The Dan Patrick Show 4-1-09

I think it will be pretty easy to find both segments in their podcast player.

You hire Bruce Pearl

If you want to make the perfect hire in Memphis, you hire Bruce Pearl. You hire Cal's nemesis, you pay him a ton of money, and you establish what Memphis basketball is by stealing away the UT coach. What a feather in the Memphis cap that would be. It would be an incredible way to deal with this crap that has gone done with Cal leaving. Get on board, get the news out-- throw 3 million at Bruce Pearl and get him here. Absolute home run hire. He would come here at the right price, I promise you.