Friday, October 28, 2011

That happened (David Freese)

And to top it off, Joe Buck calls the HR just like his father did in the '91 World Series.  Impossibly great moment.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Greatest HS football announcer ever

This guy should be calling college and NFL games and he should have been doing it yesterday.  I'd watch this guy call anything.  I cannot get enough of these touchdown calls.  You cannot watch it without trying to imitate him afterward, it's impossible.  We have to find out who this is.  The game is in Georgia so it should not be too hard to figure it out. Anyone in the Atlanta area know?   Touch-DOWN!

Philanthropy w/ Vinnie Verno (The Week 9 Video)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

#VernoRadio and the future

Yesterday there was an article on about #VernoRadio and my situation.  You can read the article HERE.  I was surprised that our situation has gotten some national attention.  One of the common threads of the articles written about what has happened lately is this question of how long I can hang on doing what we are doing.  When I first presented what was going on I was flooded with words of encouragement and support, but now I feel like people are reading about it and are feeling sorry for me.  Don't feel sorry for me. We have to rally and there is no time for a pity party.  In 2005 we started 730 AM with 250 watts and a trailer in West Memphis, and there were people lined up telling me that I would never make it work.   We had zero listeners and one advertiser (The Smile Center).  That's when I needed people to feel sorry for me.  If it didn't work I had very few connections in radio, and there was no place to go in the market for a guy with no established audience and very little money attached to the show.  It has never been easy, but I've been fighting for 6 years at this station.  Listeners have rallied, local businesses have rallied, and the level of support now is like never before.  I need you in my corner, not feeling bad for me.  Don't bet against me now.  #VernoRadio

Sunday, October 16, 2011

#VernoRadio launches

If you missed the story behind #VernoRadio, it is two posts below (Go listen to it and come back to this).  The station may become affiliated with another brand down the road, but for now if you turn on 730 AM in Memphis, you will hear the show.  Since I explained the story on the air last week, I have heard from small business owners all over the country.  It is truly amazing how the internet makes the world a small place.  Guys just like me that have thought of throwing in the towel on their business at some point.  Guys just like me that have wondered if it's worth it when you are up against something so much bigger.  I have been totally stunned at the level of support from so many people that I've never even met.  To all of you that have sent an email, called me, used the hashtag #VernoRadio on twitter, etc - I will never be able to thank you enough.  Keep helping us get the word out, and please support our sponsors.  #VernoRadio starts today, and you can listen to the show whenever you want.   P.S. - I'm fully aware that this is crazy.

Philanthropy w/ Vinnie Verno (The Week 7 Video)

Sorry I was late posting this here this week. Remember, the videos come out every Thursday morning at and you can always see them there.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I started the show by explaining what is going on with the show, my station, and my radio career. I have never felt like I did when #VernoRadio became the #1 trending topic in Memphis for several hours on Twitter today. The support was so overwhelming and I can never thank you all enough. If you missed the show and want to know what this is all about, here is the audio --->


Monday, October 03, 2011

Former VP Dick Cheney on the show (The Audio)

Who would have thought that Dick Cheney would ever come on The Chris Vernon Show?  Well, it happened.  We talked to the former VP about getting into politics, what he is really like, his new book, etc.  Hopefully no matter how you feel politically you can appreciate that he was willing to come on our show, we certainly did.  A portion of the interview was featured on The Huffington Post HERE.  Here is the interview....
Dick Cheney on The Chris Vernon Show