Saturday, June 23, 2007

Out of pocket

I will be out of town this week. Eric Hasseltine (voice of the Grizzlies) will be filling in for me. Call in to the show, email the show, and take care of him. I will be back to kick off July. Thanks for listening and coming to the website. Maybe this week someone besides me can break a story. Ha! See ya in a week.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Grizzlies to name assistant coaches

I have no idea how this is not in the paper. Here are the names of the 3 assistant coaches that will join Marc Iavaroni's staff and will be announced soon. Two of them had been speculated on correctly. They are... Johnny Davis from the Pacers, Gordon Chiesa from the Seattle Sonics, and the third guy is one that I have never even heard of but I am told he is very well respected. His name is Dave Joerger and he has been a multiple-time champion with the Dakota Wizards (NBDL) and in the CBA. He started coaching at an extremely young age and he has a great reputation.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sonny Vaccaro, Dane Bradshaw, The Haters...Audio

Sonny Vaccaro did not dissapoint. Herrington was on with me when Sonny came on the show. He was one of the best basketball interviews we have ever had on the show. He talks about everything and we ran straight through a break because we did not want to stop that train. Chris Wallace, the draft, the risks, AAU, NCAA, Kobe... it is all there, and it is money.

Dane Bradshaw was in studio with us for the first two hours of the show (including the Haters) and was really good. All of that is on the player.

The audio is all here. Hopefully by now you know how this player works. To get to any audio, just scroll to the top of the player and click on "channel guide" and it will drop down a menu where you can get to anything you want to hear.

Dane Bradshaw and Sonny Vaccaro scheduled for today

Sonny Vaccaro was the man responsible for Michael Jordan signing with Nike, he was the father of summer bball, and he is still one of the most influential and controversial figures in American basketball. He is scheduled to join us today. He also happens to be extremely close to Chris Wallace, the new Grizz GM.

Former Tennessee player Dane Bradshaw is scheduled to join us on the show at 3.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Chris Wallace (New Grizzlies GM) Interview

We had the first interview with Chris Wallace today. Herrington was on with me. Here is the audio.

Chris Wallace on the show @ 3:30

The Grizzlies new GM is scheduled to join myself and Chris Herrington from the Flyer on the show at 3:30. We will breakdown the press conference with full audio from Jerry West and Chris Wallace.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


A source close to Chris Wallace has confirmed to me that the press conference will be at the beginning of the week (maybe Monday) to announce that Chris Wallace from the Boston Celtics will join the Grizzlies as General Manager. Chris Wallace will be in town sometime tomorrow, so say hello if you see him. I will have more on the hire later. I am very skeptical of this hire, but you gotta give the guy a chance and hope for the best I suppose. This was Jerry West's recommendation, I know that for certain. I would not be surprised if West stays will the team in some capicity, maybe an advisor or consultant. Cheers. where news breaks every once in a while. bookmark it.


Friday, June 15, 2007

This is some wild stuff

I don't know how many of you have seen this clip, or read about it, but this is wild. There is a show called Britain's got Talent and it is exactly like the version of the show we have here. Anyway, some nerdy-looking guy that sells cell phones for a living says he wants to sing for the judges. What follows is one of the more stunning things I have ever seen on TV. Check it out.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Haters 6-13-07

I have had a lot of requests to get the audio from our Haters segment up. We now have a way to get the segment up if you missed it. Today Zig-Zag was awarded Haters call of the week. Here is the audio and I have added some other audio to the player. Click on channel guide on the top left corner and it will drop down a menu where you can find whatever you want to listen to.

Guests on the show, Contest

Wednesday will include Florida Marlin 2nd baseman (and Memphis alum) Dan Uggla, and former Sportscenter anchor and current Dodgers radio pbp guy Charlie Steiner. We will also have audio from Joakim Noah as he worked out for the Grizzlies this morning. Mike Conley is going to be working out tomorrow alone for the Grizz.
NY Post writer Peter Vescey will be on the show on Thursday.

If you are looking for a father's day gift to give your dad... here is your chance. We are giving away this awesome leather Nike golf bag. Email me why your dad deserves the bag and you will be in the running. send your entry to We are giving it away on Friday.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Regarding the Grizzlies GM (John Gabriel)

I have been told that the two guys now being talked about seriously regarding the job are Chris Wallace and former Orlando Exec. John Gabriel. Wallace is believed to have a the best chance, but Gabriel is in the mix and is a legit possibility. Wallace is Jerry West's choice. I have heard that it will more than likely be one of those two guys. Heisley and West are flying back tonight and we will soon know who gets the job. Gabriel is clearly the best choice in my opinion. Gabriel has a dynamic personality, an extremely positive attitude, and has won an Exec of the Year Award while in Orlando. I love the idea of Gabriel at this point. Peter Vescey, and I think a Boston paper, had mentioned him in articles a few weeks back and we really had not heard much about him since then. I don't remember the local paper even mentioning him in their articles except the columnist saying that another paper had reported him as a possibility. Gabriel has the best credentials of anyone mentioned in the race and I think he would be an outstanding face for the franchise. Please the let Grizzlies hire him. That being said, watch them hire Wallace and then I will wish I had never heard Gabriel's name as a legit canidate.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson on the show

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rampage Jackson will be on the show today. As many of you know, he is from Memphis and went to Raleigh Egypt HS. 5 oclock hour today. Gotta get one of those chains.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Listener Brad admits to Jesse and The Rippers on the Ipod

When we asked listeners to admit to the most embarrassing song on their ipod, much to our surprise, they were worse than we ever expected. This one took the cake... John Stamos and his fake band from Full House and their song. And there is a video! Thank you Brad. Brad has since called in and apologized for his unacceptable actions. Feel free to come up with your observations. First off-- what's up with those babies? This might be the best (worst) thing ever.

Adam Wainwright, Tony Barone Jr.

Grizzlies Director of Scouting Tony Barone Jr. will join us in studio at 3. He just got back from Orlando and the pre-draft camp so we have a ton of stuff for him. He is always good.

Cardinals Pitcher Adam Wainwright will join us on the show at 3:40.

Gary Parrish and The Haters segment at 4:40.

Chris Herrington is moving back to Wednesdays for the summer, so he will be on today also.

If you want to go to the Texas Motor Speedway for the IRL and Craftsman Truck Series Race this weekend, email me at and I will get you the tickets as long as they last. I have tickets and pit passes and if you are into this stuff and can get down there, I would imagine you would have a blast. Sometimes it pays to read the blog.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Johnnie Morton's MMA career over in 1 night

Worst idea ever... I heard that former NFL reciever Johnnie Morton was going to be fighting this weekend in his MMA debut. I thought Smokey was gonna run in the ring and stand over him when this one was done. Morton was taken out on a stretcher. Nice run Johnnie. What a knockout.

Friday, June 01, 2007

UFC's Joe Rogan Audio, audio from the week that was, Roser dominates

Rogan was really cool and stuck with us on the show for a long interview about everything from UFC, his career, to stand-up comedy and calling out comedians that steal material. He also slams Carlos Mencia for a good while which is great. Check it out if you missed it. This audio player will always have the most recent interviews picture on the front, but you can listen to any of the old ones there too. Big props to Roser (he dominates) for the shows this week. Bobby Bowden, Andre Dawson, Jim Palmer, Tom Penn, Marc Iavaroni, Joe Rogan... it was a good week. That is dominating. Here is the audio for Rogan, etc....

UFC announcer Joe Rogan on the show today

I was stunned to learn that the #1 market in the nation for Spike TV is Memphis. Joe Rogan is one of the main announcers for UFC and he will be on with us today at 5. If you have any questions you want me to get in, email them to

Grizzlies New Head Coach Marc Iavaroni

Here is the audio.