Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mangino tried

We were one yard away from 4-1 on the picks, ended up 3-2 instead. One yard away because my man Mangino was trying for us. The dude is up 40-10 and refuses to run out the clock. He has got his starter in behind center, and he is trying to score to get it to 47-10. Kneeling is for the weak. The RB got tackled at the friggin one yard line with the clock running out. I can't get mad about that. I still love this guy, he tried for us, even if they should have hung 70 on FIU. I could not help but laugh. Mangino has always respected Philanthropy.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Philanthropy, Bobby Bowden and Bradie James (The audio)

Audio of Bobby Bowden on the show and Bradie James on the show is loaded below.

Philanthropy (the picks)
never say that we don't give back to the community...

Kansas -35.5 over Fl. International (Kansas might score a hundy)
Pitt-13 over Bowling Green (McCoy goes over 2 bills)
Utah St +12.5 over UNLV (both these teams suck, so I take points)
Tulsa -14 over UAB (UAB is horrid, Tulsa is good, who needs more analysis?)
Ohio +11 over Wyoming (Come on Solich, come through, Wyoming is crap)

Philanthropy Record (0-0)

and as always, the goofy parlay is the...

Louisiana Losers Parlay of the Year!
Auburn -26 over La Monroe
S. Miss -10.5 over La Laffer
Miss St -8.5 over La. Tech

Bert Sugar's Picks
Temple -7 over Army
Clemson -4.5 over Bama
V Tech -9.5 over ECU
Louisville -4 over Kentucky
Fresno +5.5 over Rutgers

Excuses, Excuses

3-3 on the degenerate games. Troy, Vandy, and Wake come through
now to the losers...
--Utep is an absolute piece of crap. Almost 500 yds of offense to Buffalo? That is ridiculous and embarrasing at the same time. I hate Utep now.
--Oregon State, how about you throw a backwards pass in the endzone again with the game in the balance? Or fumble with the game on the line? Boooooooo.
--NC State was in that thing and then their QB was on a stretcher. Can't plan for that one, but geez, Troy Aikman played through 5 million concussions and he still talks well. Come on dude. Just kidding.

So we were 3-3 on degenerate games, but it is clear that the games we lost were fixed. If we lose, the game was fixed. Period.

Darrell Arthur has to pick up his mom from the airport because her flight was moved to today, so he moved him to next week. Never mess with mama.
The rest of the show for today is the same as scheduled.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The picks, the Friday show, new audio

The 6 Degenerate Game picks for the games tonight given on the show were (if you wanna keep up with my brilliance)...
Utep +3.5 over Buffalo, NC State +14.5 over S.Carolina, Troy -7 over MTSU, Vandy +3.5 over Miami (ohio), Wake -12 over Baylor, Oregon St. -3 over Stanford

The show tomorrow will feature Bobby Bowden, Darrell Arthur, etc. The rundown is below...
Friday Show:
3pm- Grizzlies draft pick Darrell Arthur comes in studio
3:40- Philanthropy (season debut)
4:20-5- Commercial Appeal's Jason Smith preps preview
5- Florida State coach Bobby Bowden
5:20- Memphis D Coor Tim Walton
5:40-- Weekly Cigar with Bert Sugar (lovable losers debut)

New audio includes the Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace weekly segment (broken into 3 parts)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Next two days on the show...

(scheduled to join us on Thurs, Fri)...

Florida State coach Bobby Bowden (Roser hit trifecta- all 3 Bowden's in a week)
Memphis D Coor Tim Walton
Tenn O Coor Dave Clawson
Grizzlies draft pick Darrell Arthur swings by the studio

The predictions from the show (SEC 2008)

SEC East
Florida wins it
S Carolina

SEC West
Auburn wins it
Ole Miss
Miss St

Surprise team is Ole Miss, Disappointment is LSU, Les Miles downfall begins now Saban's players are all in NFL and he is gone within 3 years

Florida wins the SEC, Tebow wins another Heisman

Monday, August 25, 2008

Terry Bowden and Fantasy football expert Dave Richard (The Audio)

College football analyst Terry Bowden joined us on the show to talk about the upcoming season, his dad and his future plans, his brother and the Clemson/Bama game, the spread offense, etc. Fantasy Expert Dave Richard gave fantasy football tips on the upcoming season including sleepers, busts, strategies, etc.
Both Bowden and Richard are loaded in the player.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The show tomorrow, concert tomorrow night

We are scheduled to be joined on the show by Ryan Ludwick from the Cardinals and Clemson coach Tommy Bowden.

Now, to the concert...
Rock For Love 2 is a concert that is going on Friday night (and Saturday) with a ton of great local music acts and it is all for a great cause. The show is at the Hi-Tone. I was asked to emcee and I was really honored. I am gonna be the emcee for the Friday night show (Lord T and Eloise, Al Kapone, etc., this is gonna be awesome). Come check this thing out if you can, it should be great. The show benefits the Church Health Center. They provide medical care for those that are uninsured or cannot afford it. I hope to see you there. Here is the release...

SunTrust Rock for Love 2 benefit for Church Health Center
planned for August 22-23 at the Hi Tone
Lord T and Eloise, Snowglobe to headline respective nights

SunTrust Rock for Love 2, the second-annual concert to benefit the Church
Health Center, is set for Aug. 22-23 at the Hi-Tone, 1913 Poplar Ave.

The concert – actually two back-to-back nights of music – will not only raise vital
funds for the Center, but it will also celebrate the diversity of Memphis music with
performances by some of the city’s best bands.

Friday, Aug. 22 – Lord T and Eloise, Al Kapone, Two Way Radio, J.D. Reager
and the Cold Blooded Three and Vending Machine. Emcee: Chris Vernon, host
of “The Chris Vernon Show” on 730 Fox.

Saturday, Aug. 23 – Snowglobe, the Coach and Four, Antenna Shoes, Oh No!
Oh My! and Royal Bangs. Emcee: Janet Wilson, host “Janet’s Planet” on WEVL,
FM 89.9.

Tickets are on sale at Goner Records and Shangri-La in midtown and online at Tickets for each night are $10, or tickets for both nights
can be purchased together for $18. Cost to get in each show will be $10 at the
door if tickets are available.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chris Wallace (Audio), Memphis announcement

The University of Memphis is having a "major" press conference tomorrow at 3 to make an announcement they say will gain national attention. My guess was maybe there was gonna be a ESPN College Gameday game against Kansas, or something like that. Now I have heard that it might be about a deal with Nike, and I have also heard that it is about a major donation. I don't know what to think, but I will imagine that it will be extremely good news for Memphis and the athletic dept.

Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace was in studio for the weekly segment and we talked about marriage, the Iranian guy the Grizzlies were said to be signing, the Olympics, Marc Gasol, etc. Audio is below, broken in two parts.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Houston Nutt and Rick Neuheisel (The Audio)

Houston Nutt was on the show and we talked about his introductory press conference (my favorite ever), Kent Austin, J. Snead, J. Powe, the injuries they have sustained, what shape he left Arkansas in, what shape Ole Miss is in, etc.

UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel was on the show and we talked about taking over at his "dream job", what the last 5 years has been like for him, getting caught up in the fame of being a high profile coach, playing Tennessee the first game of the season, how UCLA stacks up with USC in the city and the state, etc.

I thought both of these guys were really interesting and entertaining. If you missed them.. audio is below.

Some Memphis Tigers schedule notes

Here is what I have been told regarding some dates and times for the upcoming season...

November 17th the Tigers will play UMass. 11pm tip so they can play on national TV following Monday Night Football.

December 20th is the Syracuse game at FedEx Forum.

December 22nd is a Monday. The Tigers are scheduled to play Drexel at noon-- Grizzlies play the Lakers that night. Monday double-header, huh?

I was also told that another non-conference home game will be added when it is worked out. Might be an ESPN gameday game. Names for that include possibly Ohio State, Florida, or Kansas.

Houston Nutt and Rick Neuheisel

On the show today. New coach day. Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt and UCLA coach Rick Nueheisel joining us on the show. Check it.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mercy Killing, 119-82, muahahahah!

CVERNON.COM EXCLUSIVE: Spain is garbage.
What a beautiful day! That's what I am talking about. Defecation on the head style. That Spanish team wanted no part of the physical game the US team employed from the jump. Nice body language Spain. Muuahahhahaaha. So much for that "best in the world" talk. That's 0-9 in Olympic play vs. the USA for Spain. They didn't even put up a fight. Even Angola put up a fight. Angola! Thank you Team USA for embarrassing that team. Where was the MVP of the world, Pau Gasol? Did he play? Muhahahahahaha.

Quick reactions...
I still like that kid Ricky Rubio. He has some fight in him. He would be awesome if he played American college basketball.
Marc Gasol is not athletic enough, too slow, and too slow with the ball. Is that a Euro thing, that it takes forever to make a move? Pau always did that. You have to get the ball and make a quick, decisive move in the NBA. Big lugs are not difference makers in the league.
Spain does not have a run-stopper. Not surprising when Pau is supposed to be your best player. Geez, where have I seen that before for 7 years?
Dwayne Wade looks better than ever.
Kobe Bryant has not even been one of the top 5 players for the US in this competition.

Maybe next time we can spot Spain 40 before the game starts, so it can be a game. Talk about being worth the wait.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Here we come Spain...

I have got the American flag draped over me.
I have the Hacksaw Jim Duggan 2x4 on my shoulder.
If you read this site, you will remember all of the crap we had to endure from Spain when the Pau song came out. "Spain is best in world. Pau is MVP of world. USA is loser. Spain is blah blah blah..."
It's about time that Spanish fans get put back in their place. Had to wait a long time... but tomorrow morning is the day of reckoning. Can't wait to see that weak-ass national hero let them down.
Here we come Spain. I cannot wait. Maybe you can give each other some more fruity hugs while you console each other... just like your hero. Muuuuhaahahaha.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Today on the show

Former NBA and celibacy ironman AC Green joins us on the show. Also, longtime Chicago sports radio host Mike North will be on, and we will try to catch up with Chris Wallace when he returns from Europe.
Update: The audio is below

Monday, August 11, 2008

Just imagine if Team USA did this...

The Spanish Olympic team had an ad in their newspaper in Spain where they all slanted their eyes. I am sure it was "in honor" of the games being in Bejing. Just imagine if the Team USA had done this. It must be the culture difference, right? This is an advertisement? For what, racism?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The changing feeling about USA Basketball

Nike has put out one of the best sports commercials ever in preparation for the Olympic games in Bejing. We always talk about how winning International competition is so much more important to players from other countries and residents of other countries. I don't know if our players will ever feel the pressure or responsibility to win like the players from overseas, but this year certainly feels different. Listening to them talk, watching them play, this year feels different. USA Basketball seems fun and exciting again, at least to me. Maybe for me it is different because if you read this blog, you recall how many threats and other insane crap that was written by residents of Spain (when we had Pau and the song came out). You may remember how much trash they talk about being the "best players in the world." I hope we beat the ever-loving crap out of them, and everyone else. Only a communist could not like the new Nike commercial...

Friday, August 08, 2008

Good grief...

The problem with drinking the kool aid...

I have long been a proponent of spending money to improve this team. What happens to all of the fans that have drank the "3 year plan" kool aid and say that the team should not spend money? You are upset about this Josh Smith offer sheet stuff right? This is not what the Grizzlies said they were gonna do so you are against it? Or is it that the Grizzlies are now doing this, and so you are for it? Geez, this is gonna be funny. So now what? Is it the right decision to spend the cap space?
That is the trouble with drinking the kool aid. I say bravo to the Grizzlies. It is a smart PR move even when Smith does not sign here.
This should be a lesson to all of the fans that don't have their own opinion and just support whatever bologna is said. Now you have to change positions. Thank you Mr. Heisley, you have exposed your sheep. And you at least have made the effort.

Grizzlies going after Josh Smith?

The Commercial Appeal is reporting that the Grizzlies have signed an offer sheet with Josh Smith. The contract is worth 58 million dollars. I would be shocked if the Hawks don't match, but huge credit to the Grizzlies for taking a run at the guy. To say I am shocked would be an understatement. I would bet we never see the guy in a Grizzlies uniform, but the effort counts. As you know, I have been very wary of a 3-year plan and the idea that Memphis can survive 2 more really bad seasons. If Smith were in a Grizzlies uni, that team looks a whole lot better immediately. Please let there be an act of God that lets this happen. There are 82 games, and this team looks a lot more exciting and promising with Josh Smith on the front line.

Grizzlies sign Hawks' Smith to offer sheet

In the article, the Grizz are also reportedly signing the big center of Iran. Dude had 20 rebounds in a game against Serbia? I'm down with that. Memphis hasn't had a guy that could get 20 rebounds against air. The Grizzlies are gonna have the "foreign nightmare" front line. Darko, Marc Gasol, and this dude. Watch out. hahahaha.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

The audio from the Thursday show

Memphis Tiger beat writer Dan Wolken had taken exception to some of the things that I said about the homerism in Memphis. Dan was invited to come on the show and we talked about the comments that I had made. It was quite evident from the response I have gotten that all different types of people viewed our discussion all different ways. The only one that bothers me is the idea that I hate Memphis or want more negative coverage of Memphis. There is no question that some took my comments in that way. Again, when this all began, my point was never that there needed to be more negative coverage, but rather that there is a reason that negatives about a home team are written more often by an outsider (this is not exclusive to Memphis either). I have no problem with a home team slant, my problem is with those that try to deny it exists. The home team slant is prevalent in nearly every city across the nation, so let's just not act as if it cannot be a neccessary evil of being a local reporter. Dan took exception to that assumption. I gave examples of things that I thought were slanted or ignored, and Dan responded. Who knows what was accomplished, but maybe, at worst, it was compelling radio. Here is the audio if you missed it...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The new website for the station

The new station website is It is already up, but is also a work in progress. They are adding new features everyday. One of the new features is a webcam installed in the studio so that you can watch the show being broadcast if you like. I was against this camera, but whatever, I guess it is kinda cool. To watch the show, click on Verno TV while we are on the air from 3-6. I have gotten tremendous response on the new lineup. Thanks to all of you that listen and support the station, the positive feedback has been awesome. People are always adverse to change, but the vast majority of response that I have gotten has been positive regarding the new lineup. Check out the new website and let us know what you would like to be added or changed.

Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace (The audio)

Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace joined us from Italy (where he is on vacation) to talk about the release of the Grizzlies schedule, how it works, if the Grizzlies are gonna be making a move soon, etc. The audio is loaded below...

Clearing some things up...

Yesterday I addressed the idea of Memphis media not wanting to report negative things about John Calipari and the Tigers. Somehow (as evidence by my email) this had been twisted to where I said that reporters know about things and do not report them. This is not what I said, and in fact the audio is below. What I did say is that it is very hard to criticize, or report the negative, and still maintain the access you need to do your job.

Let me give you an example (and let's make this about USC so nobody accuses me of anything)...

Player A pulls up to practice in a brand new, shiny Mercedes. He is wearing diamond stud earrings and a Rolex and is counting hundred dollar bills when he walks in the door. As a reporter, do you look into how this player could possibly have that much money at his disposal? Do you really want to know?

Do you see where I am going with this? Now somebody from out of town might be shocked and say "gee, how is this happening?" But if you are local and your job is riding on a program and your readers are fans of the program, do you really want to know? What is the end game? You bust someone and bring down a program? You better be ready for death threats (that is not a joke) and you better be ready to find another job. That is reality. This is what I am talking about from the point of view of someone who covers sports for a living. I was not trying to be trying to be a jerk, or trash anyone, I was trying to bring a broader understanding of the media and how it can work.

What I brought up above may be an extreme example, but one that brings up the legitimate point as to why negative things are more likely to be written from the outside and out-of-towners are more likely to dig into things. They do not have to deal directly with the repercussions of their stories. Again, I understand.

I know that every reporter fancies themselves as objective beacons of journalism. I actually defended the non-criticism of local teams on the level that you have to be able to do your job and most fans don't care if the coverage is balanced.

So let me be clear... everything that I said regarding Dan Wolken and the coverage of the Tigers was all in reference to the above explanation. When my thoughts were met with "he is full of it" "that is garbage", the hilarious- "I write negative things like the riot and Robert Dozier" -it was the pinnacle of defensiveness. My initial diatribe was not even about Dan Wolken, it was about the Memphis media and the landscape as a whole, he took it personally.

Outside of Geoff Calkins, find me criticism levied against John Calipari from the Commercial Appeal (on court, or off court) in the last 2 years. Balanced coverage would be criticism and praise, right? There is only praise and the staff spin on every topic printed in our paper here (or at least 99% of the time). If that is what is considered balanced and objective coverage, then I am wrong about this.

I was not trying to make anyone upset, I was simply giving my view on Memphis and the media and the challenges covering the local teams can present. Initially, I was not even critical, I just said that this is the way things are.

So just for clarification.. the audio of what I actually said is loaded below...

Monday, August 04, 2008

Dan Patrick on the show, Goodman takes some calls (The Audio)

Dan Patrick can now be heard from 8-11 am every morning on 730 Fox Sports. Dan came on the show this afternoon to talk about his show, his decision to make his move, the gig on Sunday Night football, the Olympics, etc. He was great, and I am thrilled that his show is on the station (he also talks about being on 730 at the end). It is loaded in the player.

Jeff Goodman came on the show to take calls from listeners about the story he reported about a Memphis recruiting violation. There have been a lot of speculation about the fact that Jeff was the one that reported the story. He attempted to explain his role and refute some of the rumors and speculation. Tiger Steve took a run at him with some good questions. The audio is also loaded below.


I know the streaming has been a mess today, but it should be fine now. If you stream the shows on a regular basis.... Copy this exact link to your favorites and it will take you to the stream...

Friday, August 01, 2008

Jeff Goodman, 2 Live Stews (The Audio)

After Jeff Goodman reported that Memphis was going to be investigated by the NCAA, he came on the show. The audio is loaded.

Also, The 2 Live Stews came on the show to introduce themselves and let listeners in Memphis know what to expect from their show. The begin on the station Monday and will be on from 12-3.