Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wednesday audio and video

CBS College basketball analyst Clark Kellogg joined us on the show to talk about Memphis, Tenn, and the landscape of college basketball. Clark Kellogg on The Chris Vernon Show 2-27-08

John Heyman from SI.COM came on the show from spring training to talk about how nobody wants to sign Barry Bonds, the trouble Roger Clemens is in now, Mark McGwire in Cardinals camp, and the upcoming season. John Heyman on The Chris Vernon Show 2-27-08

The Mic Check segment on CW30 runs on Wednesday nights in the 9:45 block. This week the segment was about a Memphis run for the national championship.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Well that did not last very long

Vandy knocked off Tennessee at Memorial Gym tonight. I don't think anyone is really surprised that they dropped this game. Vandy has won 18 in a row and 31 of 32 at home, and I think they said on the broadcast that the Dores have knocked off the last three number 1 teams that have come into their building. The man in the picture was THE MAN for Vandy, Shan Foster. He was fantastic for Vandy and I think he became their all-time leading scorer in this game (it did not say in the first game story, but I think that is right). Tennessee will probably drop one or two more games before the tourney and it is very difficult for any team in a big conference to win every game from this point forward. I would expect that Memphis will again be at the number 1 spot and when they get there, they probably will end the regular season in that slot. What is hilarious is the emails that I have already gotten that are of the ha-ha variety from Memphis fans as if I really care, or that this proves something. I am sorry I picked against your team and I was dead on in my prediction. Hopefully Vandy made you feel better about losing to Tennessee. Congrats to Shan Foster and Vandy on a big time win. This is the best state in the nation for college basketball this year.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Songs of the day

1. "My Brain" by The Chris Vernon Show (The anthem)

2. JP Prince "What's my name?" by The Chris Vernon Show

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Why I am the smartest member of the Memphis media

Who else in the Memphis media told you that the Vols were going to win that game? I am expecting 3 straight hours of apologies on Monday. The number is 525-ESPN. Go ahead and program that into your phone and set an alert... "remember to apologize to Chris Vernon and admit he is smarter than me." I go on TV and say it, I go on radio and say it, and took all of the punishment that goes with being the only one willing to tell you the truth. Tennessee is one of three teams that I would pick to beat Memphis, and they did. I wanted to see an undefeated season, but I have to keep it real instead of pandering to the masses. I only take satisfaction in knowing that so many of you that called, emailed, and texted the show immediately had the realization that my brain cannot be denied. I am Mental Hercules. The apology line will be open.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Why I picked Tennessee to win, and the show today

We are scheduled to be joined on the show today by... Rece Davis from Gameday (now dependent on flight delay), Briarcrest standout and Tiger/Vol recruit Leslie McDonald, Jason Smith from CA, Grant Wahl from SI, and former voice of the Tigers Big Jack Eaton. Check it.

Why I picked Tennessee...

You can disagree, and many of you have. You can call me names, and many of you have. You can get upset or claim that I am just trying to get a rise out of people, but I have my reasons for the pick.

Both of these teams play at an extremely fast pace when they are at their best. Neither of these teams are very good half-court teams. In fact, that is exactly why both of them got beat by Ohio State in the tournament last year. It is also why both of them would be vulnerable to a UCLA or UNC in the tournament. These teams have to be playing in space for them to be at their best. Memphis has an real advantage over almost every team in the country when the game speeds up, but not against Tennessee. UT is the one team that does not become overwhelmed when the game gets to be played at a rapid pace, and in fact they get better.

So we have two teams that I am convinced will play at a fast pace. Give me the team that fully commits to that style of play.

You can say I have some sort of axe to grind against Memphis
You can say I am a UT fan
You can say that I just want to get a rise out of people

Examine the message, not the messenger. I guess I could have just been a total homer because I think that is what people would want to hear, or I could tell you what I believe and why. Sane people respect the latter, even if they disagree.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Former Memphis coach Dana Kirk on the show

The last coach to take Memphis to the Final Four was Dana Kirk. Dana talked about his '85 team, managing the egos, win streaks, and what the time period was like in Memphis. He also told us who would win if his '85 team played against the current Tiger team, and who will win the game on Saturday. He was fantastic on the show.

Grizz GM Chris Wallace in studio after trade deadline

Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace was in studio right after the deadline for the entire first hour and took a bunch of calls from the fans. I give the guy massive credit for taking the calls and engaging with the fans. It is truly unprecedented. Here are the segments if you missed them...
Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace on The Chris Vernon Show 2-21-08 Part 1

Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace on The Chris Vernon Show 2-21-08 Part 2

Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace on The Chris Vernon Show 2-21-08 Part 3

Mic Check on CW30, Audio from yesterday

Mic Check aired last night on CW30 and I made the prediction for the Memphis/ Tennessee. Here is the bit if you missed it (I got the "straight up" in)...

The Haters segment on Wednesday was the best one in a long while.... THE HATERS 2-20-08

Rick Kamla from NBA TV joined us to talk about the trade deadline and everything gong on in the league. Rick Kamla on The Chris Vernon Show 2-20-08

Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace and Chris Rose from Best Damn Sports Show will be on the show today.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mem/ UT Prediction, Miller to be traded?

The tv spot that I do on channel 30 (CW30) airs tonight at 9:45 during Eyewitness Sports. I will make my prediction for the game this weekend on the bit if you are interested.

Chris Wallace could not make it in for the weekly segment because he got caught up with the boss (good reason). I would not blow off the guy that signs my checks either. What I do know is that the Grizzlies were not in the process of making a move when Wallace missed the show. He will be on tomorrow after the deadline (scheduled to be on show @ 3).

I am told that a betting man would bet the Grizzlies would stand pat, but anything can happen.

Now, on to Miller... the Grizzlies point of view is that they will not trade Miller in a simply financial deal. Any deal for Miller would have to make basketball sense (this was a nice thing to hear). They are worried that if they move Miller they will lose real outside shooting and virtually any veteran presence (from a guy that plays). The thought is that if you keep Miller that you could put something good together within a few years, whereas if you move him for what you would get in many of the deals you could quickly become 4-5 yrs from being really competitive (like the Bulls did). The other thought is that at the top of the draft (where the Grizz pick will be) there are pg's and bigs, but really only one outside scorer (Gordon). So let's say that you more than likely get an interior guy (Beasley, Love, Arthur, whoever) in the draft, then you want to have Miller and you could be something other than an abomination in the near future. Again, Miller's outside shooting and the fact that he is a vet make them very skeptical of moving him. I understand the value that they see in keeping Miller if teams are not bowling them over with the offers.

I would bet that Miller is not dealt, but again, anything can happen. Wallace will be on the show tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Fanta Feud

I wanted something to call this game this weekend because I thought it needed a name, rather than just saying "the biggest game ever in the history of the state, blahblahblah." After a ton of good entries it became clear that "The Fanta Feud" was the best for us. I wish I knew who coined it, but it was one of the text message responses so I don't know. It is clearly someone that has been a dedicated listener (explanation below).

The Fanta reference comes from a blog post and a conversation the Gary Parrish and I had on the show about my favorite message board thread ever.


Why I love message boards (DOWN WITH SCHNUCKS!!!)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Glad I went to that one...

I guess I got more than I bargained for at the Memphis/ UAB game. The environment was unbelievable, the comeback was crazy, and the post-game near riot was something I had never seen before.

I will obviously talk about this on the show on Monday, but here are a couple of quick thoughts....

- heck of a photo by Mark Weber of the CA, the misspelling of Memphis is hysterical

- there were not many Memphis media members there. There was the radio team, Fox had a few guys down there, Wolken from the CA, and me. I think that was it.

- the trip is way easier since they opened up the highways that take you to Bham.

- Robert Vaden is absolutely awesome. He lived up to expectations.
Terrible last shot, but other than that, the kid proved he is a player. He will be a pro.

- I have no idea how Douglas-Roberts hits the shots he hits. He was spectacular.

- Antonio Anderson played the best game I have ever seen him play. He was having to chase Vaden around on one end, and dropping off shots on the other end. He was better last night than he was in the Cincy game a few years back.

- UAB had an incredible game plan and executed it about as well as they could have. Memphis players were looking for calls and getting frustrated. They always had a body on a body on the defensive glass. Memphis kills teams on the boards and with second chance points typically. They took Dorsey completely out of the game by bullying the bully.

- I will talk at length about the aftermath of the game on the show, but quickly... I was taken out of my media seat under the goal so that the fans could rush the court, and so I was actually on the court in the corner at the end of the game. Upon winning the game Pierre Niles was right in front of me getting in peoples faces and just being completely ridiculous. I know what it looks like when a guy is looking for trouble, and there was about to be a riot on the court right in front of me with some UAB football players because Pierre is out there poppin his jersey, cussin, and bowin' up on anyone around (nevermind that he was on the end of the bench the whole game). When you see the team coming to that end of the court on the video, it is because Pierre is out there jawing at everyone. The UAB fans were completely out of line for throwing crap at the team, but the team should have gone to the locker room. If you are gonna yell at fans, and pop your jersey, and get in faces as you are walking to the tunnel good things will typically not come from that. You have nothing to gain by being in the tunnel arguing with a fan, and you might get hurt in the process. You gotta just keep on walking. I will bet anything Coach Cal is telling them the same thing. You gotta just keep on walking.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Goin to Bham

I am going to Birmingham for the Memphis/ UAB game this weekend, so I don't know if I will update the blog this weekend. I will try to take pictures of the events of the weekend.

Today (Friday) on the show... Bert Sugar from Vegas (Pavlik, Taylor fight), UAB coach Mike Davis, Xavier coach Sean Miller, Jason Smith and Craig Wack from CA

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A few notes

If you missed Stephen A. Smith on the show yesterday, CLICK HERE. He had comments on the NBA and the recent trades, the Clemens trial, and he had a message for Chris Wallace.

The TV gig I am doing on CW30 will be regular on Wednesday nights. It will air every Wednesday from now on at 9:45 as a part of Eyewitness Sports. So, it will be on tonight. Check it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Single Roser tomorrow

The final episode of "A Single Roser" will be on Wednesday at 4:20. We have interviewed the girls, we have had the trivia portion of the contest, and on Wednesday the listeners will get to ask the girls questions in our final portion of the screening process. If you want to email a question you can do that too. One of the following lovely ladies will win the Valentines Day date with my producer, the incomporable Jon Roser. We are down to 2 girls, Cindy and Michelle. If you have not seen them, here they are...

Cindy, the one with the already incredibly famous answers...

And Michelle, who said that she would like to be a dolphin but it is not an animal
You can help us with the screening process (the listener portion) in the final episode on Wednesday at 4:20.

Monday, February 11, 2008

When Miller gets traded...

I talked about the Grizzlies trading Mike Miller last week on the show. Today, Hoopsworld has an entry about the topic. I was under the impression that they would wait a little while after the Pau trade, which it seems like what they are going to do. Maybe they will do it at the trade deadline and hope it blends in with other deals. The Pau trade was not a tremendous local PR hit, but moving Miller at the same time would make any spin they could have put on a deal totally ridiculous. If they trade Miller and get money and picks in return, instead of players that will help this team, then the fire sale will be completely undeniable. And what is sad is that there will still be people that will believe the justification.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Robert Dozier suspension over

Coach Cal said today that Dozier was going to be playing against UCF on Sat. He said that Dozier is now on a short leash, just like Jeremy Hunt was. He said nothing about the assault charge, but did say that Dozier was suspended for being in a club after midnight. A reporter followed that statement up by asking if Dozier was out alone at the club, to which Cal said "from what I understand." I would think that if Robert Dozier never slapped that girl and cut her face that either Cal or Dozier himself would just say that reports were not true and he was falsely accused in this situation. Wouldn't you? It was on the front page of the sports section of the USA Today that he was accused of assault. If someone accused me of hitting a girl and I had not, I would be screaming from the rooftops that it was a lie. Anyway, it is another regrettable situation to say the least. I get tired of hearing about guys getting in trouble every year and I wish more Tiger fans felt the same way. Instead, they get mad at the media or anyone else they can blame.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mic Check with Chris Vernon on CW30

The tv gig began tonight on CW 30. Man, I wish the screen would have frozen with my face lookin different. ha! If you missed it, here it is...

Chris Wallace was not happy...

about other GM's "pillow talking like high school cheerleaders with Chad Ford"

Here is the weekly segment...

Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace on The Chris Vernon Show 2-6-08


DAVID THORPE on The Chris Vernon Show 2-6-08

The Chris Vernon Show coming to your TV screen tonight (for a few minutes)

The TV gig begins tonight. ABC 24/ UPN 30 came to me and asked me to be a part of their local sports coverage and bring the radio show to tv for a segment once a week. It will be a part of the news broadcast that begins at 9 oclock on UPN 30, and my bit "Mic Check" will be on in the 9:45 to 10 pm block. They even break it up on Tivo as 9:45-10pm where it is listed as a different program.. "Eyewitness Sports". Make it a point to tune in and check it out if you will. Thank you to all of you that listen to the show. Again, good things keep happening because of you. Tonight, 9:45, UPN 30, the tv gig begins.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Here we go again


“Late Tuesday evening, I learned of an incident concerning one of our players, Robert Dozier. We are finding out all the facts, and if University or team policy was violated, I will deal with it in a fair and firm manner like I always have.”

All of the details of this will be out soon. This is totally predictable, and sad. The "fair and firm" manner in which things are dealt with have always continued to create an environment where players can do anything. I asked after the riot at the club this summer.. when will it end? When somebody gets shot? At some point, a different standard must be set, or these type of problems will continue and put Memphis basketball in the news for the wrong reasons... as this will.


Tiger facing possible assault charge

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Is he a leader now Tiki? (Eli the giant slayer)

The Pau Trade (a few days later)

Did I tell you that the Grizzlies would convince the Commercial Appeal that this was not a fire sale and a deal intended to strip this team down? I told you on Thursday night to look for the Kwame trade and I gave you the reasoning. Do not doubt me now. The spin was insanely predictable and exactly what I said it would be. Calkins had the following as the lead to his column this morning...

In publications all across this land, intelligent people looking for an explanation for the Grizzlies-Lakers trade hit on the same explanation: Salary dump.

The article goes on to say, much like the other article in the paper, that this explanation is false. False because some people have said it is false.

So let me get this right... all of the facts of the recent past will lead you to believe that this was another move to help cut costs, intelligent people all over the nation can see this, but Heisley and some other source said that it was not a fire sale. Hmmmmm. Honestly, anyone with a brain can see the truth. If you believe this crap, you are simply naive.

With that being said, the outcome of this trade is not that bad. The by-product of cutting costs could help the Grizzlies build a significantly better team in the future. In the end, this team has to get lucky and be better in the draft than they have been.

The trade is what it is, but I cannot help but laugh at the people killing it. It could not be more obvious that much of the national media has rarely seen Pau play. This was clearly more of a business deal than a basketball deal, but allow me to quickly address it from the basketball angle. WHY WAS THE TEAM ALWAYS AS GOOD WITH PAU AS THEY WERE WITHOUT HIM RECORD-WISE? WHY? Over the course of the last few years the Grizzlies have won 28% of their games with Pau, and 27% without him. How is that possible if the guy is so great? I defy anyone to give me a good reason. The suck with him, and now they will suck without him, but at least they will have some flexibility to improve (if they care).

The toughest part to swallow for me is that I was screaming from the rooftops a few years ago that this team should not be making Pau a max player. If that is what you had to pay, you had to let him walk. This franchise should have never given the guy the deal, and now we all pay for it.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Friday, February 01, 2008

Exclusive Chris Wallace Interview (before press conference)

Wallace called in to give the Grizzlies angle to the Pau Gasol trade that went down today.



Sorry for being so cryptic before. Here is the deal....


Pau Gasol and a second round pick will be sent to Los Angeles for Kwame Brown (and his expiring contract), a first rounder in '08 and '10, Javaris Crittenton, Aaron McKie and rights to Marc Gasol

It was what I thought it was.


Big changes coming for the Grizzlies?

According to the CA and, the Grizzlies and the Nets are talking about a deal that would send Stromile Swift to the Nets for Jason Collins. I believe this to be completely true. I don't know if the deal will take place for sure, but I would think there is a really good chance. I don't even give a crap about that deal to be honest.

What I do care about is the deal that also may come in the next few days. I don't think that we are going to be as happy as we once thought we would be about a Pau deal. I have pontificated on the fact that a fire sale could be coming so that Heisley can save money and position the team to sell it. I think he wants to be able to sell to someone and be able to pitch that they will takeover a product with quite a bit of flexibility that they can do whatever they want with. Unfortunately I think that Wallace was hired to carry out this plan. I hope I am wrong.

There is nothing that Heisley has done in the past 2 years to indicate that he is doing anything but cutting back on all costs. Saving money is what this franchise is about now.

With that being said, look for Pau to be part of a deal that brings back a big expiring contract. If what I think may go down, goes down, people are going to be really pissed. Have you ever considered what Kwame Brown would look like in a Grizzlies uni? I am just asking.