Friday, May 26, 2006

Andres Bargnani

The lottery for the draft was this week and Toronto has the #1 pick. The one player that could seemingly has a chance at being the first pick, yet no fans really know, is Andres Bargnani.


I talked to a player personnel guy once about this kid and he told me that he was the deal. He said that he saw him go up against Chris Bosh a couple of summers ago, and was very good, and scouts went nuts. I guess you could be Dirk or Tskitishvilli. It is tough because you do not want to miss out on a Nowitzki or a Ginobili, but you do not want to end up with Frederick Weiss with a high pick either.

I am out at Southland on Saturday and Monday from 12-3. Come out this weekend if you get the chance.

Tonight I am going to Sam's Town to see Rodney Carrington. I saw him a few years ago and he was hilarious. Here is a vid of him doin a song in a radio studio.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Avenue @ Carriage Crossing

The new mall in Collierville has a store called "College Station". I will be there with Hasseltine today doing the show. Hope some of you can come check it out. Holler.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Good Afternoon

Nice day today. I got some Ipod accessories, washed the car, and got caught up doing crap I never do (i.e. cleaning something). Anyway, here are some thoughts from today...

I really don't care about the Eastern Conf. Finals. I am trying to care, but its tough. I am consumed with the Suns/ Mavs. Or as it is known by me, the best thing to happen to the NBA in 10 years.

The Raptors getting the #1 pick in interesting to me on this front... a Colangelo is now running the show and I will bet you he builds something significant there.

I read the lists and the mocks for this years draft, and the guys that I love are not consummate top 5 guys. Brandon Roy from Washington and Marcus Williams from UConn. Another great pick to me is Shelden Williams. The guy gets the ball, blocks shots, and has good moves. The team that gets that guy gets a great player. Trust me.

People will always talk about "tweeners" but a lot of the time it is crap. Watch the NBA and if you can play, they find a place for you. There is another guy like that, that will get the "tweener" label, and its P.J. Tucker from Texas. He is rated way too low on mocks now. Give me that guy.

God bless Jeff Weinberger. This was my first day off and got to check out my old buddies Fish and Jeff. Holy crap. I have nothing else to say.

Tonight... Taylor Hicks wins American Idol, Randy Johnson gets rocked again, Mavs win Game 1. If any of these are wrong, I will delete this.

In the Ipod...

The Raconteurs..... (Jack White's new band). I love anything with Jack White (White Stripes). This album isn't the White Stripes, but I dig it.

The newest Bruce Springsteen album (Seeger Sessions) ..... still love it, haven't gotten it out yet.

Elton John... Madman Across the Water..... I freely admit that I love this guy and I buy old albums and listen to them and realize that the songs that were not hits are still incredible.

Incubus.... Make Yourself... I listened to this thing too much after college so I revisited it and this CD holds up. One of my favorite songs ever, Consequence, is the third track.

Matisyahu... Youth.... I told you about this guy a long time ago, the Jewish Reggae artist and this is a great BBQ, summer CD. Can't remove it yet. Total chill.

That is enough for now. I have represented my hood, and now I feel whole.

Thanks for listening and I will be on the air tomorrow.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Throwing out First Pitch

I am throwing out the first pitch at the Redbirds game tonight. We will give tix away on the show today if you wanna go. Updated blog tommorow. No show tommorow, Cards day game.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006


This morning on Live @ 9 on WREG we announced that 730 is now the home of the Cardinals in Memphis. Here it is (Mary Beth shaves her face?). It is around the 30 min mark and I am the one that looks 14 years old. Obviously, you know that I am ecstatic about the announcement. This is the sports entity in this town that I wanted the most. This is big for the station. Thanks for listening to the station and as we continue to grow, things will only continue to get better. I am giving away Cardinal tickets in the 5 o'clock hour today on the show. They are not easy to come by, so listen for your chance to see the new Busch Stadium in July.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Channel 3 Live @ 9 show

I am on the WREG 3 show "Live @ 9" tomorrow morning. Big announcement. Holla holla.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


On the "Ask Sandy" segment this week, someone called in and asked Sandy for a Derby Pick. Sandy said to go with #8. He didn't even know the name, just the number. Absolutely freaking amazing. My email has "Sandy is a genius", "Oh my God, that was Sandy's pick", etc.

This guy has got it. How did I not bet everything on his pick?

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Reilly on the show Friday

Rick Reilly tommorow. Sorry, times got swapped around so I had to move it to Friday. He will be on @ 3.

The Grizzlies Media Day, Rick Reilly on the show today

I hope you caught the show yesterday, as I explained what happened with Bonzi Wells last year, and why he was barred from the arena. In the midst of a conversation I was having with someone with knowledge of the situation, it came up. I realized that this covered up extremely well, and it also explained why Bonzi could no longer be here.

Let me say this about the Bonzi deal... He is killing it in the playoffs, but never forget that he is in a contract year. It is a mantra of the show to never trust the guy that plays out of his mind in a contract year. This means he has that ability and only really shows it, or plays at that extremely high level, when motivated by a contract. Besides that, after I gave you the story of him becoming violent last year, it is clear to see that he could no longer be a part of this team, nor those (Stro, Jason) who supported him.

Yesterday you heard the Jerry West audio in its entirety. At the end, it was me and Madani with him and we got some great stuff (the Bonzi deal), etc. There were more than a few interesting things from the interview.

This is what I took from it (my opinion by reading between the lines)

We need to change style of play (surprise, surprise) I was saying they were boring in November.
People blamed fans, mascots, business, concessions, etc. My old blog post reveal what the problem was.... The product (the game) was not entertaining. Period. Funny how people are jumping on that now, and I got ripped for it because they were winning.

West says he supports the coach, yet cannot help himself from talking about not playing young players and a boring style of play. These are short digs at Fratello.

He says he is daring, yet reluctant to start over. One question that I wish I had asked.... "You say that there is a disconnect and that fans do not like this (the current state), yet you say the fans would not accept starting over. What do you think the fans would accept?" Oh well, I will ask next year.

We will TRY to get better. Stars win in this league, and we need someone that everyone follows.

West does not comment on the Bonzi deal, except to say he is happy for him, because he is the one that brought him, and in the end, the one that moved him. He puts it on Fratello.

I am sure we will talk about the rest on the show.

One of my favorite sportswriters, Rick Reilly from Sports Illustrated, on the show today.

The first hour of the show is the Grizzlies Power Hour with Eric Hasseltine.

Bert Sugar and Phillip Rivers regular segments, as well as "Ask Sandy" still to come either today or tomorrow. Jim Drukenmiller called in to "Ask Sandy" last week. What a moment.

The Mattoid (hilarious Sweedish musician) in studio Friday. I cannot wait.

I will try to put audio on here when I figure it out.

Bruce Pearl interviewed Rod Barnes, this would be a great hire.

How does Jamison not cut off the baseline for LeBron?

I got the new Bruce Springsteen (The Seeger Sessions). It is all covers, and it is unreal. Tell me if the new Pearl Jam is good if you have it.

Thanks for listening, tell a friend, thanks for reading the blog.

We are close to a Cardinals deal and the new signal (don't ask) is in the FCC's hands and should be up within two weeks (for real this time, it has been more frustrating and ridiculous than anyone could have expected). A quick explanation... imagine someone builds you a house, it is all done, and you are ready to move in and its all wrong. You make the builder go back and fix everything and make it right, and then you wait while they work to get it perfect. This is what happened with our towers and signal. The signal is great on the new transmitter, I have heard it and everyone is thrilled now, even though it was supposed to be done forever ago.

Thanks for being understanding and sticking with me.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Make sure to tune in today

Lots of audio from the Grizz media day from Jerry West that you will be extremely interested in.

Audio from Mike Fratello on the season, etc.

One interesting thing that comes up to Jerry is the play of Bonzi Wells in the playoffs and he comments on that, etc.

Also, I have the story that no one has said about why Bonzi was kicked out of the arena last year. You have never heard this and will be surprised. Good Stuff.