Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Criss Angel (Mindfreak) is on the show today...

Criss Angel is scheduled to be on the show today. I love watching this guy's show on A&E. The new season starts soon. If you have a question you want me to get in, email it to me and if it is good I will use it. I think this guy might be the devil or something.

The White Stripes tix are gone, don't bother emailing for them.

(White Stripes Concert) The first 2 people to read this...

That can go to the White Stripes concert tonight at Snowden Grove Ampitheatre.. email me at chris@cvernon.com and I will get you a pair of tix courtesy of TCB Concerts. Reading the blog can pay. I need your first and last name.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Phil Fulmer and Nick Saban on the show (Audio)

Here are the interviews if you missed them at the end of the week. Fulmer was great. We primarily talked to him about his playing days and his entire coaching career, but I asked a couple of questions about the current team. Have you ever heard Fulmer talk about him dating cheerleaders as a young coach? You can here. I must admit, I have always really liked the guy. The Saban interview is also on the player. He loves the phrase "positive self-gratification." The story of that interview is below in a previous post. Click on the top left corner on "channel guide" to find any interview you want to hear.

Got a mention in the Sunday Commercial Appeal

Scott Cacciola had an article today in the paper about Orgeron. Here is the excerpt...

Orgeron has faced obstacles during his tenure in Oxford. Critics questioned his readiness when he was hired-- he had never been a head coach -- and he has been easy fodder for satirists who poke fun at his thick Louisiana accent. To wit, "Colonel Reb Is Crying," the popular product of Memphis-based sports-radio host Chris Vernon, has been viewed 285,434 times on YouTube.com. Orgeron's gruff image has been hard to shake.

That vid has gotten over 2 thousand hits since this was published this morning (up over 287,000 now). Thanks for the pub Scott.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Quentin Groves (Auburn), my favorite SEC player ever

Last year after Colonel Reb is Crying was released, there was an article that was written by Scott Cacciola of the Commercial Appeal that got picked up by Scripps and ran in papers throughout the south. In the article it mentioned a quick story about Quentin Groves from Auburn singing the song on the field against Ole Miss. Here was the quote...

For example, Auburn defensive lineman Quentin Groves roamed near the Ole Miss sideline during a timeout last Saturday and actually yelped the chorus at Orgeron.
"I could hear him," said Ole Miss punter Rob Park, shaking his head in disbelief.

So at media days I was able to get Groves to come on the show and talk about it. We also talked about why he is coming back to school when he could have been highly drafted, being married, movies, agents and runners, etc. This guy has a great personality in addition to being a great player. The guy is a trip. The interview is below. Groves was my favorite player interview we have ever done at media days.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Kenny Stabler and Phil Fulmer on the show today

These two guys were great. I talked to both of them about old war stories more so than current events. Stabler talked about his days at Bama and with the Raiders and Fulmer talked about his entire coaching history (including going out with all of the cheerleaders as a G.A. at Witchita State. Fulmer will be in the second segment. Stabler is at 5. Check it.

No dice

Langston Rogers (the SID for Ole Miss) just said that Coach O will not be able to do come on the show. They have to leave he says. We tried. That is pretty lame. Everyone was waiting to see if he would come on with us and I must tell you that it is a little dissapointing that it won't happen. Oh well. I think the song hurt our chances to say the least.

SEC Media Days: Post 4

Last night we went to an italian joint named Petrucelli's with my friends from WJOX. After dinner we went to some place named the Superior Grill. We were told that it was the spot. I must admit it was a cool place, despite the fact that they had the worst band playing that I have ever heard in my life. Today is wild. Everyone is waiting to see if Coach O is gonna do the show. We have put in our request, but who knows. I am told that he is telling everyone that he thinks the song is funny. I am also told that there is a possibility that he will rip off his tie, strangle me, and set fire to my brains and eat them. Who knows. I will let you know what happens.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

SEC Media Days: Post 3 Nick Saban on the show today

I thought I would be more likely to see a ghost than to see Nick Saban on radio row. The story of how I got him on the show is completely crazy. Here it goes... there are fans everywhere and they have blocked off radio row so that you have to have a credential to get near it. I see Nick Saban sitting down doing a radio interview down the hall. There are a ton of TV cameras surrounding Saban while he is sitting there. There are radio producers and writers and TV people in a huge pack walking along with Saban when he moves. Every radio station here is trying to get him on there station. Roser is sleeping in the room and I am just working on getting stuff together for the show. I don't even go near the fray and I figure that he is not gonna be doing a ton of radio and his probably booked. Anyway, out of nowhere, a couple of people from the SEC come over to me (keep in mind that I am sitting at my table minding my own business) and they say that Coach Saban will be coming down to join you. He's coming to you next. I never said a word to anyone but there was no way I was gonna question anything. It was really funny, I get done interviewing him and all of these media guys were asking me how I got him to come on the show. I really don't know why he came down to talk to me. Anyway, long story short, Nick Saban is on the show today.

SEC Media Days: Post 2

We are down in the lobby this morning after what became a long night. We went to a restaurant to meet some of my friends that work for WJOX in Birmingham and we hung out with them for a while. Unfortunately, that is not where our night ended. I had been to a place called Bell Bottoms when I had been in Bham before, and I had told Roser that he needed to see this place when we came here. The place is hysterical. A few years ago, former Bama player George Teague had told us about this thing they have called "fight night." Basically, the place is about the same size as a place like Alfred's, except it has two decks and a huge boxing ring in the middle of what I suppose would normally be a dance floor. Patrons then can register and box each other, and there is really no other way to describe it but to say that it is completely hilarious. Roser lost his cell phone somewhere and we still have no idea where it could be. I thought that the lobby of the hotel this morning would be complete pandemonium because Saban is going to be here, but there are a lot less people than I expected so far. I suppose that every Bama fan in the world has already seen the guy and been snubbed in attempt to get his autograph. Jay Barker is doing his show across the way and Bama fans are swarming him to have him sign crap. I have to wonder what that stuff will go for on ebay. Today we have Miss. St., Bama, Vandy, and Florida.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Quoted on True Hoop (Ref Scandal)

True Hoop on espn.com used a quote from me today on the site. Big thanks to Henry Abbott for the plug. Here it is. http://myespn.go.com/nba/truehoop thanks to mario for the heads up.

SEC Media Days: Post 1

Roser and I rolled into town at about 11 pm last night. This morning we got up so that we could come downstairs to radio row, set up the equipment, and watch people act important. I am loving this place. 90% of the guys here look like the "before" picture of a diet advertisement. I feel like Johnny Fitness here. It is hard to describe how unhealthy a group of people could be. I cannot believe that nobody has ever died of a heart attack here. Surely somebody will this year. Elastic waistbands are in at media days, in fact, I feel weird that I have a belt on. A conservative estimate would put the combined weight of most radio teams at 550-650 lbs. My favorite part of this is watching the guys that walk around slowly by the different stations as if they are waiting for you to ask them to come on for an interview. Media guys that act like celebrities amongst each other are the best. The other thing is that anyone in the world can get credentialed for this thing. I could say that I have a magazine called Gamecock Peck magazine and I could be interviewing anyone. Today we have Arkansas, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Auburn. Thanks for reading post 1.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Birmingham AL: Big city of dreams

Tonight Roser and I take off tonight for B-ham for SEC Media Days. We are rollin in a Lexus RX350 because Lexus of Memphis is sponsoring our coverage. I will have updates throughout the week of what is going on, both on and off the mic. Roser will not be allowed to share drinks.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

E's "The Soup" Host Joel McHale Interview

This guy is hilarious. He was great on the show and we will be sure to get him back on. All other interviews, including Kevin James, Chris Wallace, George Foreman, Dana White, etc., are in the player also. You can get to them by clicking the top left corner of the player under "guide."

Friday, July 20, 2007

Joel McHale on the show today

Joel McHale, from E's "The Soup" is on the show today. "The Soup" is the show that goofs on all of the talk shows and reality shows. This guy is funny, and I like the show so I am glad Roser booked him.

Also, Bert Sugar will join us live from the Mandalay Bay in Vegas. He is there for the most boring fight ever... Winky Wright v. Bernard Hopkins.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Andre Brown in town visiting with Grizzlies

CVERNON.COM EXCLUSIVE: Prospective F.A. Andre Brown (former Sonic) is in town and is expected to be signed by the Memphis Grizzlies.

Kevin James on the show, Roser falls short (A visual history)

Kevin James came on the show yesterday. His new movie "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry" with Adam Sandler and Jessica Biel opens tomorrow. I still can't believe he came on with us in the midst of the national promotion he is doing. Cool guy. We talked about how he got into comedy, the King of Queens, Jessica Biel, and the movie. Here is the interview.

My producer, Jon Roser, had his chance to vindicate himself yesterday at Buffalo Wild Wings. He had made the bold claim that he could eat 40 chicken wings in 12 minutes. He failed. Here is a visual history of the event...
Roser poses with 40 mild wings, filled with total confidence...
Roser begins his quest at an incredibly fast pace. This was a decision that would prove costly as the challenge went on...It becomes clear that my prediction of vomit has an amazing chance at happening as the contest is coming to an end... The contest came to an end with Roser eating a total of 33 chicken wings in 12 minutes. He claims that he could have accomplished his goal, which begs the question... why didn't he? He wants a rematch with the wings. We hope that this has taught him a valuable lesson... don't run your mouth if you cannot back it up.
On a side note... THANK YOU to all of you that came out to Buffalo Wild Wings. The turnout was amazing and the cornhole contest was slammed with teams. We will resume our Wednesday BWW tour in 2 weeks, as next week Roser and I will be in Birmingham for SEC Media Days.
Former Memphis star and current Florida Marlin Daniel Uggla is on the show today.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Breaking news I think (Joe Lee Dunn) aka The most famous High School football coach in Memphis, and Kevin James is on the show

If this is breaking news, it is the dreaded cvernon.com exclusive. I have not seen or read about it anywhere, so it just might be, who knows? UPDATE: I am told that it was on the Tiger message board a while back. Joe Lee Dunn was the defensive coordinator at Memphis for the past few seasons. Joe Lee Dunn has been a college football coach all over the south forever. Joe Lee is now the head coach of the Ridgeway Roadrunners High School football team. He replaced Coach Cooley. Great hire for Ridgeway. I predict a state championship.

also: Kevin James is on the show on Wednesday. He is the King of Queens, a great comedian, and co-star of the new movie, "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry" with Adam Sandler and Jessica Biel. Kevin James is a huge star, so obviously it is awesome to get him on the show this week considering the movie opens on Friday. He is on Good Morning America in the morning, and The Chris Vernon Show in the afternoon? Ha! We have our fingers crossed.

We are at the Buffalo Wild Wings at Hacks Cross and Winchester for the show Wednesday. We have the cornhole tournament at 7, registration at 6. Another trip to Vegas is on the line. Roser will attempt to eat 40 chicken wings in 12 minutes at 5:20 segment. Get there for the carnage.

Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace Interview (7-17-07)

Chris Wallace joined us on the show immediately following the Darko presser. We talked about Darko, how things went down in free agency with other names, how the roster spots will be filled, etc. Wallace has been money on the show.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Herrington calls his shot on the show (Grizzlies sign Darko), George Foreman on Thursday

Well, well, well. Chris Herrington from the Flyer was on the show today and talked a lot about Darko Milicic being the best option for the Grizzlies. In fact, he almost called the contract they ended up giving him. The CA broke the story, and ESPN is reporting a 3yr, 21Million deal with the Grizzlies and Darko. I don't love Darko, or the signing, but it is a short contract and he obviously ended up getting less than what I first thought he would get. The fact of the matter is that there were not teams left to throw around a ton of cash, and the Grizz were able to make the best offer. The guy should be entering the prime of his career. I hated him at 9 or 10M, 7M and only 3 years is worth a shot, I guess. I do like that the guy thinks Pau is a wuss. Darko and Pau in the front court is not exactly daunting, but it could be good offensively in an up-tempo system. But in terms of getting a bruiser, a tough guy that does "dirty work", Darko is not that guy. Everyone always says that the Grizzlies need a rebounder, and Darko has not been a great rebounder. Everyone that says the Grizzlies need a bruiser next to Pau, he's not that. I like bulldogs. I like guys that will chuck you in the third row to get a rebound. Could Darko work though? I guess we will wait and see. I don't love the signing, but I am willing to be won over. We know that Iavaroni can work with big men and heck, he is better than anything thing else they could roll out there. Oh, who am I kidding? My first reaction was "oh great, now we officially have the biggest weenie frontcourt in league history" but I am trying to be nice.

George Foreman will be on the show on Thursday. The guy is one of the greatest boxers of all-time and is more famous for his grills. Check it out.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

UFC President Dana White interview (7-10-07)

The president of UFC, Dana White, joined us on the show to talk about all things UFC. The interview ranges from how he got involved with UFC, to the growth of mixed martial arts, to how much money these guys make and why it is not reported. The guy is a great face for the sport. I was impressed. Joe Rogan, and now Dana, have both been fantastic representatives for
UFC on the show.

UFC President Dana White on the show today

Dana White is scheduled to join us at 5:40. He is the President of UFC and the producer of the wildly popular "Ultimate Fighter" show on Spike TV.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Grizzlies summer league Game 1

I just watched the first summer league game on NBA TV. A couple of quick observations...
I was on the phone with Herrington during the game, so I would expect that some of our thoughts will be the same. I would also expect that he will be smarter and more in-depth with his observations. Mine are simply instant, unfiltered reactions.
- Kyle Lowry, Kinsey, and Rudy all were impressive.
- I could see the shades of the Phoenix system when the Grizzlies played. In the half court the ball goes from the corner, swing to the top, swing to the opposite corner... three. That was a common set. And obviously, the idea of getting a shot early in the clock was evident.
- It does not matter that it is summer league and that they are not playing outstanding competition when I say that Kinsey was impressive. I was impressed esp. with his ability to stop on a dime in transition and knock down shots. I think he will be getting some real clock this year.
- Conley looked timid, which was to be expected. Lowry looked really good. The guy is a lock as a fan favorite.
- Johnny Davis seemed cool in his interview. He said he would not be surprised if Mike Miller was an all-star this year. I always said I thought he could possibly be an easy 20-25 ppg in Phoenix. Miller= all star? The assistant coach said he would not be surprised...
- Rudy was spectacular. The highlights that he is gonna be on this year, in this offense, are gonna be sick. Yi was better than I thought.
- Alexander Johnson is a mess. Sorry. I would give anything if you could put Roberts bball sense with Johnson's athleticism. I thought he looked brutal.
- My first impression is that this team is going to be the most fun version of the Grizzlies to watch since the Hubie era. I am confident that that will be the case.

By the way... for those of you that watched the end of the game and the announcers talking about the team and interviewing Rudy... what was that? I know that you have heard it happen on my show and it is so embarrasing. You can hear "he's gotta go" or "last question" being yelled in the background. It happened today, this time on NBA TV for goodness sakes. Rudy is in the middle of an interview on national TV after the game and he has his headset ripped of his head by media relations in the middle of answering a question? Joel Meyers said, "Live television doesn't make any difference to the Memphis Grizzlies." Rudy seemed totally uncomfortable, and who knows why there was such a rush, but I cannot imagine it was worth looking like that on national TV. I have honestly never seen a headset taken off a guys head in the middle of an interview in my life. That was weird and uncomfortable.

UPDATE: regarding the previous part of the post, Stacy Mitch (director of media relations) contacted me this afternoon to let me know her side of the story. NBA tv was not supposed to do the interview and Stacy had to pull Rudy for coach. She said that she tried to get them to end but they would not, so she pulled him. Teams were waiting for the locker area and coach was trying to meet. Stacy had told NBA Tv to wait until after the meeting for the interview, so it was unfair to Rudy. It created quite the awkward TV moment to say the least, but now you why it played out the way it did. NBA TV apologized for what happened. I appreciate Stacy for clearing the whole thing up. Wow, I guess somebody does read this crap I write after all.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Needing your help, make a difference (Please read this)

Friend of the show Wright Thompson from espn.com sent me the following email this morning. Wright had written an article in ESPN the Magazine about this soldier when he was coaching his kids little league team at Ft. Hood. This guy is a bonafide war hero and his crew needs our help. He lists all of the different things that you could send, and I know that all of have things that can be sent. Here is your chance. I am putting a box together this weekend, and I am asking you to do the same if you can. We can make a big difference in the lives of the men that fight for us. The email from the soldier is below (please take the time to read it and consider the request). Thank you for taking the time. Wright Thompson will be on today at 3:20 to talk about the story of this guy and the request for help.

From: john.n.davis@us.army.mil < john.n.davis@us.army.mil>

To all...
As you all know, I am serving in Afghanistan as a Brigade Staff junky...LOL. I have taken the responsibility of building an MWR facility for all our Soldiers, young and old (like me!)

Yesterday I walked into what the KBR folks called an MWR (morale, welfare, and recreation) tent. It was in a sad state. A bare wooden floor with a half dozen metal foldout chairs and a large screen TV. (that was the only nice thing in there) It also had a broken ping pong table and hundreds of novels printed in the 60's and 70's...our young soldiers just can't stop reading them...LOL!!! It also had a popcorn popper that apparently hasn't worked in over a year, according to the outgoing unit.

I am writting to you all in an effort that some of you may know of businesses or individuals that may be willing to donate to the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team's MWR. The list of what I could use is endless. Fans, books, magazines, game systems (XBox, XBox 360, Playstations, etc), games, board games, Movie DVDs, DVD player, music CDs, footballs, basketballs, baseballs, gloves, bats, volleyballs...BASICALLY ANYTHING THAT CAN LIFT THE MORALE OF OUR SOLDIERS. As you can see, my list of needs is endless. If there is anyone out there willing, please let me know and I will send you our unit address.

As an appreciation for donations I will insure that the individual or company will receive a Brigade Certificate of Appreciation signed by our Brigade Commander. I know its not much, but its all about the soldiers risking their lives everyday.
I sent this to everyone once already but I forgot to include the address....

Davis, John HHC
173d ABCT (JAF)
TF Bayonet
APO AE 09354

...if you could pass this along to everyone you know that would be great!! Thank you for your support.

sincerely,SFC John Davis

Thursday, July 05, 2007

What the Grizzlies would have to pay Nocioni

The Chicago Tribune has a story about the Grizzlies and them taking a run at Nocioni. I took from the story that it looks as if the Grizz would have to pay Nocioni 8M for Paxon not to match. 8M is a lot, but I think it is probably worth it. I do worry about the foot problem he has had. I do like that if we are talking about a five-year deal (as the Tribune mentions) that he would be 32 at the end of the deal. I hope there is not a 6 or 7 year deal. As I said, 8M is a good chunk of change, but I could see him living up to that. Here is the Tribune story, which is very informative.

In other news... OH NO! Lebron is gonna be a rapper? Album drops in the fall? NOOOOOOOO. Not reportedly, the first track is "Never give the ball to Varajeo with the game on the line" Other tracks include "My teammates suck" and "I could buy you"

Dan Patrick to leave ESPN?

If you have been listening to the Dan Patrick show this week you know that he has been saying that he was going to make a big announcement. He originally said that he would make the announcement on Tuesday, but then he was not there on Tuesday. The Chicago Tribune says that there is a 90% chance that Patrick will announce his farewell today.
Here is the link.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Can a brother get some credit?

Forgive me for not getting to this earlier, but I just read today's paper. There is an article about the Grizzlies and free agency and in the article it says that Chris Wallace went to Argentina to meet Andres Nocioni. According to who? There are no sources given, no "sources told the Commercial Appeal", nothing. The story is just presented as fact. This is so blatant that it is undeniable. JUST SAY IT COMMERCIAL APPEAL.... "CHRIS VERNON REPORTED" OR "ACCORDING TO CHRIS VERNON" OR "VERNO'S BLOG REPORTED." IF YOU DON'T WANNA USE MY NAME, THEN SAY "730 ESPN REPORTED." YOU KNOW WHAT, JUST B.S. AND SAY "SOURCES TOLD THE C.A." But no credit for the story coming from anywhere when many people already know that the story broke right here? It is all over the Grizzlies message board for goodness sakes. The story just happened? Nobody reported or confirmed it? I am no journalist, but I did pay a little attention when I took Journalism 101. For there to be no attribution for the story in the article is truly amazing. Can a brother get some credit?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

8th Grader wants to play for Memphis already?

check it out...http://myespn.go.com/blogs/truehoop/0-26-9/Young-Players-Who-Want-to-be-Good-Teammates.html

Grizz coverage today (from camp)

We got some good audio today from the Grizzlies camp before they head out to Vegas for summer league. I will play it all on the show. Coach Iavaroni and the players will be included. Check it out.

Thank you, Thank you (The M Awards)

Big thanks to all of the listeners that voted for the M Awards in Memphis Sport Magazine. The show was nominated for favorite sports radio show and I was nominated for favorite sports radio personality and was 1st in both. In addition to that, because we won the two awards, I am on the cover of the magazine. Gary Parrish also took home the best hair award. You can find Memphis Sport at Kroger, almost every sports bar, and Sports Clips. I am confident that you will run across it somewhere. Anyway, thank you very much for voting for the show, and for me, and making this happen. I am immensely indebted to the listeners. Thank you! We have built this show through word of mouth, a pretty grassroots effort with very little promotion on a station that we started just 2 years ago. Now, because of you, we have the cover of a magazine and billboards up around town. As far as I know, there has never been a sports talk show with billboards in this town. Many of you have been with me through the transition to the new station that we built from literally nothing but a trailer and a tower. Some of you have caught on more recently, but either way, I want to let all of you know how appreciative I am of you for listening to the show and telling your friends about it. This is all happening because of you. Thank you.

Monday, July 02, 2007

CVERNON.COM Exclusive: Grizzlies GM Wallace in Argentina meeting Nocioni

Wow, I called my shot. Today I posted on the blog that the Grizzlies needed to go after Andres Nocioni in free agency. I was told tonight that Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace is, in fact, in Argentina and is meeting with a free agent... Andres Nocioni. Great idea Mr. Wallace. Great idea.
cvernon.com= where news breaks every once in a while (and too often lately) beatin the breaks off cats.

Who could the free agent be? I have my guess.

I have been reading everything that has been written about the Grizzlies for the last few days regarding their potential dealings in free agency. I read the names of possible targets for the Grizzlies in the paper and none of them make much sense besides Varajeo, and some of the names listed are insane. The problem with Varajeo is the amount of money he is going to command, and most likely, will get. His agent, Dan Fegan, will get him more than he is worth. I have been on record as saying that I really like Varajeo and how he would fit with the Grizzlies, but no way do I pay him the kind of money I think he will get. I think that if you are going to have to really overpay to get him out of Cleveland. The other names mentioned as possible targets seem totally absurd to me. So, I went to a list of the free agents and wanted to see who might not have been mentioned, and more importantly, who makes sense.

We must remember that in the system that Iavaroni is planning on running with the Grizzlies (which was totally solidified in the Conley pick) that the conventional wisdom of a guy and his position are, in good part, thrown out the window.

The Grizzlies need a guy that can grab boards and bang a little. They need a guy that can do the "little things." They need a guy that can score. They need a big (not too big) that can run the floor and clean up for Pau. They do not need to break the bank to get this guy.

I understand that this all seems very difficult to accomplish, yet I feel like it could with one guy that is a free agent that has not even really been mentioned.

The player is... Andres Nocioni. I have to believe that after the Bulls drafted Noah that they are gonna let Nocioni go. He is a great fit for the style of play that will be run here and you can probably get him without breaking the bank. I know that the Grizzlies liked him when he was coming into the league. The guy balled out in the playoffs a few years ago. He can score the ball and the Grizzlies need more guys that can shoot. More importantly, they need a player with his demeanor.

That is my contribution to the topic of the Grizzlies and free agency. For this team, and this style of play, at a reasonable cost, the guy to get is Andres Nocioni.

Grizzlies add new assistant

Andy Greer, who was an assistant with the Rockets, has been added to Marc Iavaroni's staff.

Back in town, show live at Brookhaven Pub today

I am doing to the show live today at Brookhaven Pub on Poplar. Gary Parrish will be out there with me and Memphis Sport magazine will be announcing the winners of the M Awards. Get to Brookhaven today. Here is the release that says what is going on...

Celebrate Memphis Sport's one year anniversary with The M Awards - Live from Brookhaven PubJoin us at Brookhaven Pub on Monday, July 2, as we celebrate the release of our anniversary issue and announce the winners of The M Awards live on The Chris Vernon Show.

Chris Vernon and Memphis Sport will recap all the awards and announce the winners from 3PM to 6PM live at the East Memphis bar and on AM 730 ESPN. Stop by and pick up a fresh, new copy of the latest issue of Memphis Sport featuring the M Awards. Stick around and party with Memphis Sport until 7:30.

While you are there, test your skills and win big in our newly added dart, poker, and Golden Tee tournaments. Plus, everyone who shows up has a chance to win great prizes from Memphis Sport and our loyal advertisers.We will be giving away another one of those beautiful custom poker tables built by MidSouthPoker.com. The Miller Lite Girls will be there... We will be there... You should be there... None of our previous parties have been this big. If you have enjoyed the magazine so far; if you haven't yet seen the publication; if you have ideas for us; if you are just curious; please come out and tell us all about it!

Beer. Wings. Prizes. Games. Fun. Memphis Sport.