Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Jerry West speaks the truth

"That's when you need everybody on the same page," West said. "It makes a significant difference when the fans get behind you. We need that and we need to play at a higher pace than we've been playing."

Thank you Jerry. We have spent an enormous amount of time on the show talking about this exact subject. The product is why people come to the games, the "main attraction" is the actual game, and the actual games are boring on a regular basis. Win or lose, you are regularly getting a tough game to watch.

You have to have a product that people enjoy watching. Look at the teams that were down at one time that now have a ton of excitement and fans. Dallas, Phoenix, Sacramento, etc. They have gotten big players, which certainly helps, but they also all play an exciting brand of basketball. Golden State is not very good this year, but they are drawing better than they have in a long time. Why? Because they are fun to watch. The Grizzlies need to be more fun to watch, especially in a small market, and Jerry seems to get it.

Stream of consciousness...

I am pretty sure I am the only person in the world that will watch the World Baseball Classic

Yesterday Deangelo Williams and Brodie Croyle joined us on the show. I will try to replay Deangelo today because it was on very late notice.

I said yesterday on the show that I would bank on Shane Battier being invited to the Olympic team, and he has. After we saw that Bruce Bowen was invited and that they wanted these type of guys, it makes sense. Coach K in charge, it was a no brainer. SHANE WILL BE ON THE SHOW TOMORROW.

We have gotten a ton of calls at the station saying that the signal is significantly better. That is good.

I would not draft Vince Young. You have to be able to deliver a pass, under pressure, from the pocket, accurately. He has not proven he can do this. If you are a major threat running, and not a major threat passing, a team should not mortgage the future on this player. The timeline for effectiveness is low, no matter what you got on the Wonderlic.

Surely the NFL will not have a work stoppage, will they?

In the Ipod...

Master of Puppets, Metallica
I feel like beating someone up. I probably can't, but this music makes me feel like I could.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
This guy sounds exactly like David Byrne from the Talking Heads. If you like the Talking Heads, you will like these guys. I stumbled on it looking for something else on ITunes.

Kill Bill 2 Soundtrack
One of my favorite movies, and the soundtrack is good. I don't know what half of the songs are saying, but I like them.

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