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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

34, 8, 8

Here is your Pau post for the day. Why is it such a surprise that he had a big game? Is that not what is expected from "the best player in the world" as he has been called many times on this blog. Is it a surprise when Dirk, or KG, or LeBron has a big game? I never said that Gasol was not the best player the Grizzlies have (which says virtually nothing). The problem lies in the fact that all of you that are going crazy over this must understand that what happened against Sacramento is not a regular occurence. If so, why such a big response? He is a good basketball player, he just is not loyal to the team that made their biggest commitment to him. Understand?

Monday, January 29, 2007

Tommy West Interview

On Randy Fichtner leaving, Clay Helton being promoted, recruiting, and the state of the Tigers

Update on the show

on Monday--- guests will include Tiger Head Coach Tommy West and Goldberg--- yes, wrestler Bill Goldberg. Tell your gran-mammy.

Update: Clay Helton to be OC at Memphis

Sunday, January 28, 2007

OFFICIAL: Randy Fichtner leaving Tigers for Steelers (CVERNON.COM EXCLUSIVE)

I just got off the phone with Randy and he wanted to express his apologies for not being able to say anything about leaving when I asked him at the end of the week. But Fichtner is, in fact, leaving the University of Memphis. He will be on the show tomorrow barring a problem with the time of his meetings.

He is going to be the wide receivers coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers. As many of you know, he told me at the end of the week that there was nothing going on (coaches will do this, even to friends). He was still recruiting for the school and nothing was concrete, therefore, he wanted nothing said. He set the record straight tonight. When he denied it, he was looking out for the best interest of Tommy and the team.

I appreciate him calling me and telling me. He was in the airport headed to Pittsburgh tonight and he meets with the Rooney's tomorrow to sign a contract. He expresses deep gratitude to Tommy West and everyone at Memphis, and told me that he thought the recruiting class was really good and he was proud of it. It is official though, Fichtner is leaving.

I wish him all of the luck in the world. Randy was good for the Tigers in 2 differents stints, and I for one, will miss him being here. Now the Tigers need 2 coordinators.

Interesting article from NY Times about West and Grizzlies

Good read for today. HERE IS THE LINK. Interesting quote...
"If West trades Gasol before the Feb. 22 deadline, he will most likely not receive a player to satisfy the Grizzlies’ goal: “We have to find a star here who will attract people,” West said.

Also, the Denver Post reports that Boston is the front-runner for Gasol, offering Al Jefferson and several draft picks.

I was just wondering...

What does Spain think about the game vs. Portland? Zach Randolph plays like an all-star, Pau plays like a... How many points did Randolph have in the 4th quarter and the overtimes? How many did Pau have? I was just wondering. This is what we in America call karma. How does the "best player in the world" get trashed by Zach Randolph when it matters most?

Friday, January 26, 2007

Fox 13 Story (Video)


My petition to Spain through song

I LOVE SPAIN click for the song

Soy España apesadumbrada. Estoy apesadumbrado que usted no puede tomar una broma. Te quiero España.

I am sorry Spain. I am sorry you cannot take a joke. I love you Spain.

Spain can be funny...

These guys are photo-shopping the picture from the blog and they are hysterical. It is the Spanish forum on the Grizzlies message board. Now that is the way to react. That's funny.

For my Spanish Fans, Welcome (I love Spain, Part 3)

See how much I love you... I will speak Spanish (Americans, use this)
Also, you can use the translator for the link to a new article today "Massive Answer to Vernon from Spain" in the Spanish paper. Here is another one. Also, Pau was not even named best Euro player today. What about this Spain? I thought he was the best in the world?

Pau no es el mejor jugador del mundo. Él no es uniforme cerca del mejor jugador. Estoy alegre él gané una medalla, incluso si él no jugó en el juego del campeonato. ¿Si América es tan mala, por qué Pau tuvo que venir aquí hacer baloncesto del dinero y del juego? ¿Si España es tan buena en el baloncesto, por qué él no justo permanecía en España? América entiende dureza. Pau permite más puntos que él anota. Hay dos extremos de la corte. En Memphis somos ventiladores de Grizzly, ventiladores no justos de Pau. ¿Cómo usted se sentiría si uno de sus mejores jugadores del fútbol deseó ser negociado? Pau no merece usar Memphis en su camisa. Amo España. Desea América viva el hermoso!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

This is out of control (I love Spain, Part 2)

Between the posts on here and the emails I have gotten, this is crazy. It is a song. Pau is a basketball player. He asked to be traded. Then he said he loved Memphis and wanted to be here. Do you see how people would be upset? You either want to be traded or you do not, right? The people from Spain that have posted on here take Pau, basketball, and jokes waaaaaaaay too seriously. You should be ashamed. It is embarrassing and shows that you cannot take a joke. Fire away with more insults and threats, and then please go get a life. Why can you not laugh at yourselves? You see, in America, we joke around. It is not meant to insult all of Spain. It is goofing on a situation that happens to involve someone from Spain. We joke about Americans too. The Spanish reaction has been embarrassing and childish. I don't expect you to like the song, but stop taking things so seriously. Also, why does Pau always check for blood? Is that a Spanish thing?

I love Spain

Wow, Spain has a great sense of humor

Thank you for all of the kind comments Spain. A price on my head? Persona non grata? I guess you guys do not like the song? I will tell you that I wish I could understand all of the posts, but of the ones I could understand... I like the ones that call me mf and I like the guy that says I have fleas. Does fleas mean the same thing in Spain? If so, dig that. I love you Spain. (Scroll down to read the comments, that song must have been in the spanish paper today)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


There was a bit of dissapointment when Roser was not shown on Idol last night. Then, I find that he was the official pick to win this year. hahahahahaha. My producer, Jon Roser, went over to the Forum when Idol came here and got himself interviewed during the tryouts and makes the most of it. He is the last one interviewed, the one that says he is the "most electrifying performer since Axl Rose." Jon Roser= The MAN. This is the best representation of him and the show ever. Thanks to all the listeners that encouraged this. He pulled it off. Absolutely classic. "I own you Taylor." World domination, it's how we roll.

Monday, January 22, 2007

New Song-- Worldwide release

ODE TO PAU click on the link here for the song.

Worldwide Release of a new song today...

The show will include the release of the new original cvernon production...
"Who wants a Crying Spaniard?" It happens today, do not miss it.

As you know, this whole situation is like Christmas for me. Calkins turns on Pau today, and the fan club is completely disintegrating. This is the best.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Pau can be had...

Peter Vescey in New York gets the huge Grizzlies story...

GASOL, ONCE UNTOUCHABLE, CAN SUDDENLY BE HAD. We have talked about on the show that he looks like he wants to be traded. Don't kill the messenger on this, Vescey, instead focus on the message. I love it when people say that Vescey never gets anything right and forget who broke the Iverson being traded story, etc, etc. Again, you don't become Peter Vescey by getting everything wrong. I absolutely believe this. Make it happen Jerry. Vescey writes...

January 21, 2007 -- EARLIER this season, I revealed Boston had offered Memphis its choice of any combination of Celtics for Pau Gasol. Michael Heisley, a lame-duck owner at the time whose pending sale of the team recently ruptured, responded by anointing the franchise forward "untouchable."
Well, guess what, Heisley's uncompromising stance has been rewritten on dust in the wind.

Sources throughout the NBA disclose the 7-foot Gasol, an elite post-up performer, as tough a cover as there is within 15 feet of the rim, suddenly is eminently obtainable. Distressed at management's rebuilding-with-adolescence mood, the 271/2-year-old has asked to be traded to a playoff-positioned ensemble that, of course, would be instantly transformed into a legit title contender.
The offended Grizzlies aim to oblige.

I put this out there with utter certainty. Infallible informers report Grizzlies president Jerry West has explored prospective trade arrangements with at least three teams regarding Gasol. In order to protect my sources, the only one I'm willing to identify for the time being is the Bulls.

That may be enough. Obviously, Gasol's low-dock dealing (averaged 18.5 points on 50.5 field-goal accuracy his first five seasons as a pro before missing most of this season due to foot surgery) is what Chicago's off-shore drilling outfit needs.
The Bulls also own what Memphis wants, namely Luol Deng ($2.6 million) and Ben Gordon ($3.86M). In order to satisfy salary/transaction specs, Chicago would have to include P.J. Brown ($8.56M).

I'm told the Grizzlies are prepared to add Hakim Warrick ($1.2M) to a pot that so far does not include draft picks; Gasol currently is on the books for $12.8M and is owed $63M over the next four seasons.
That's as far as the exchange of ideas has progressed, so I'm told. As enthralled as Bulls vice president John Paxson surely must be by the opportunity to fill his team's lone conspicuous cavity, people in the organization claim he won't pull that particular trigger.

"Giving up Gordon and Deng would be very difficult," a Bulls insider insisted. "John will never go there. Not even if Scott Skiles and the rest of the coaching staff is beating on him to make that swap, which isn't the case."
As rapper DMX woofs, "Bad decisions lead to last decisions." Parting with the pair might prove to be just that bad, the same Bulls insider feels.

"Does Pau get you to the promised land minus both those players? We doubt it. He's an All-Star-caliber player, no question. But we're not sure he can be the best player on a playoff team expected to accomplish something significant," the insider said.

If the Bulls go strictly by what the Grizzlies failed to accomplish (0-12) in three straight playoff trips with Gasol as their leading scorer (20 ppg), I suppose that answers that. Rather than surrender both Gordon and Deng, I suspect Paxson prefers to roll the dice and hope inside force Tyrus Thomas matures faster than your average NBA toddler.

But don't misunderstand; this negotiation is only in its infancy. What's more, now that Gasol's availability is public, the bidding for his services figures to take a quantum leap.

Oh, I cannot wait. How funny that we find out in the NY Post.

This is the best news I have heard in a long time.

Friday, January 19, 2007

If you have not read Gary's column from Thursday...

It's a must for anyone. Big ups to G Peezy for a great, great article about this kid at Ark Little Rock.

Step your game up Coach O.

Thanks to Parrish for the link. Bruce Pearl is the incredible hulk. Get your joint on youtube Orgeron, Pearl has stolen your gig. I had no idea. The only thing is that I cannot help but like the guy because he does not take himself too seriously.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Losing Shane Battier

When the trade for Rudy Gay on draft day was made, I was for it. Losing Shane Battier for the chance at a possible superstar was worth it. I will not rush to judgement on Rudy Gay, but if I was a betting man, I would say he will never be a superstar. There are not a ton of superstars in the league. Let me go with this criteria... "a guy you can build a team around." That is what I do not think Rudy will ever be.

I was also alone in feeling that the team needed to recieve a legimate star in return for Battier. I understand what Shane means to a team. Many people do not. Numbers will never guage that guy and what he means to your team winning games. How many points does a guy keep off the board by deflections, taking charges, blocks, etc? Maybe if that added that to your ppg people would get it. Many will look at Battier's numbers and refer to him as mediocre, or average, and will never understand the impact.

I watched last night's Phoenix game and could not help but have full realization of what Battier meant. Gasol and Miller might lead the league in offensive ability/ defensive ability disparity. They are horrendous defensively, just awful. Battier always covered for these guys. He is not there, and he has not been replaced.

Can you build around the guy? No. Will having him translate to playoff wins? Obviously not. But he plays a huge role in making a team a winner. From Elton Brand, to Kevin Garnett, to Lebron James... in the 4th qtr. Battier was guarding them. He is also, if not the best, one of the top 3 "help" defenders in the league. Having the guy on the team made up for a multitude of defensive sins. You only have 5 players on the court, and when 2, or maybe more, of them are horrid defenders, you need a Battier to cover for them.

This team had to do something to shake things up. Battier had value. I understand that. But what I know is that I don't think many realize yet, or ever will, how important he was to making this team a winner at all. Here is what his new coach, Jeff Van Gundy, said about him...

Before Shane Battier took a last-minute charge for the second consecutive game, before he needed eight stitches to close the wound left by that charge, Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy offered high praise. "He's the finest competitor I've coached in my 16 years in the NBA," Van Gundy said. "I've been fortunate. I've been around a lot of great competitors. I've never been around a competitor that plays every play, every day like he does. "The ability to sustain your concentration and your intensity and your focus every play, every day, every practice, every game, it's a unique talent that very few value. But that does have a huge impact on whether you are able to maximize your ability as a team."

People scoffed at losing the guy. People still say, "we only lost Battier." My point is that what the Grizzlies lost was their best post defender and perimiter defender, all in one guy. When people complain about the defense, realize that what is primarily complained about is what was covered up for the last few years by Shane Battier.

How about this? Battier meant more to making the Grizzlies a winning team than people will ever want to admit. Maybe he meant more than any Grizzly in terms of making them winners.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Vote or Die (isn't that what P Diddy said?)

Go Vote for the blog. You can find other nominees and VOTE HERE. If I don't win this thing after over a quarter million downloads of "Colonel Reb is Crying" I am gonna kick a cat. Actually, the cat that is on top of my car right now outside. Come to think of it, I am gonna kick that cat either way for tracking all over my car, but vote for me anyway or else I may do something else.
If you vote for me, I will come over to your house and kick the cat of your choice.

Also: Wright Thompson from just sent me his breaking news about Jerrell Powe re-signing with Ole Miss . I was always confused with this story. Why did his Mom say he could not read if he could? And how is he getting into school now? I bet he has been listening to the Chris Vernon Show and got a lot smarter very quickly.

Friday, January 12, 2007

A little off subject, but if you have not seen this...

Paula Abdul did an interview with a Seattle TV station and I have no clue as to what she is on. If you want to guess, let me know. There will be a story about what is wrong with her soon, that is for sure.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Can anything better happen?

Yesterday when we got a call from Andy Wise out of nowhere, and we knew we had it workin. Andy Wise from channel 3, one of the show favorites, calls in and I thought I should just retire. I should just walk away. I thought nothing better could ever happen... until today.

Cory B. Trotz called in out of nowhere. The man. Cory B. Trotz. The Heavy Hitter. Holler at your boy. I have no idea what could happen that would be better, what could be any funnier? Any suggestions as to what could possibly be more impressive? I cannot think of anything. What can possibly happen next? I should probably quit. I have reached the pinnacle of broadcasting in Memphis. The Chris Vernon Show-- what the stars are listening to. Cory B, Andy Wise, and you. Represent.

WOODY-- the listener that claims that Mark McGwire got snubbed by the HOF voters because he has an impressive physique and writers are jealous of great bodies was on the show and debated with the callers. It is broken into two parts. This guy is great. Enjoy.

Woody Segment Part 1

Woody Segment Part 2

Monday, January 08, 2007

Florida 41 Ohio St. 14

I thought that Florida would keep the game close, and said I would not be surprised if they won the game, but that was bananas. Seriously, I thought it would be a matter of Chris Leak. Troy Smith is now a joke of a Heisman winner. He goes down like Jason White. I got a text message from a friend when the Gators were up 14-7 that said that the BCS should know better than to let the SEC into a title game... it went on to say, what would Auburn have done? Makes you think. This certainly gives credence to the "tested more" argument. Also, Florida looked about 300 times faster than Ohio St. Chris Leak... what a story. Wrong team favored.

Our bandwagon segment is on today...

and NFL.COM has endorsed bandwagon fans just like the show. This is great. Ladies and gentleman... the "which playoff bandwagon to get on" generator. If you do it, comment below and tell us who you got.

when i want to forget about what happened this weekend...

I do what I did when I was a child... I find refuge in the Hulkster. The end of this is my favorite end of an interview of all-time.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Learn to talk cool

Gary and I were joined by Taco Meat and a succession of callers in a quest to become cooler by learning black slang. We are doing are part in ending a racial divide in Memphis. Here is the audio of the segments. Learn to talk cool.

Hope you liked that over in the Grizz game. If you don't have a million dollars by now, and you listen to the show, that is on you playa. I have beaten the brakes off Vegas.


I just saw the number posted for tonight's game

Grizzlies/ Boston over under set at 213. Vegas thinks the last game was about Golden State. This should be easy money on the over. You are welcome if it works out like I think, if not, I never said it. I do not condone gambling, I am just doing some philanthropy.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Grizz Coach Tony Barone interview from the show (1-4-07) I love listening to this guy, and I love what he has done with the team so far. Great to talk to him after a historic game (highest scoring regulation game since 1992). That's ballin.

Free Tickets for Website Visitors

I have 4 pair of tickets for Friday night's SHOWTIME BOXING EVENT at Desoto Civic Center. It is for the Super Middleweight IBO Championship between Jean Paul Mendy and Anthony Hanshaw (Both Undefeated) and 7 undercard fights. It is part of ShoBox The Next Generation series and it will be on tv on Showtime. If you are reading this, and you can go, email me at and I will hook you up with the tickets as long as you can get by the studio (on Beale) tomorrow by 5 pm. Sometimes, reading pays. Bookmark it.

Barone interview will be up later. Verno

If there is a question you want asked of Barone...

I will try to get it in... send it to

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tony Barone on the Show Thursday (3 pm hour)

One of the great defensive minds of our time, Tony Barone (Grizz Head Coach for now) will join us coming off the Grizz posting 144.

Trivia Contest... Which of these things did Verno proclaim on Wednesday?

a. that you should bet a everything you have on over 212 in the Grizz game
b. that this game would be the highest scoring game in Forum history
c. that this game was the over/under GAME OF THE YEAR
d. all of the above

The answer is D and I cannot take it anymore, it is getting kind of old to be honest. I have to go cure cancer or something because I feel so guilty for analyzing sports with this brain I have.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Please stop courting Nick Saban and hire this man Alabama. Please join me in supporting the hiring of one of the greatest men to ever walk this great earth. Joe Kines in '08. Step yo game up Coach O, this guy is taking over.

And while I am at it-- this is fantastic, no idea how they did this...

You play to win the game. Could it have been any better?

The 2 pt conversion to win. Hook and ladder, statue of liberty, give me a break. Incredible.