Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I am so smart

there is no entry... i just wanted to remind you

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Laziness and zone defense

The announcers last night said that "maybe it's that Dwash is not playing, Memphis is without their leader." Also, "they are taking Lamar lightly after the Duke game." These are certainly possible reasons, but the real reasons were laziness, and Lamar was getting back in a zone after made baskets. The tough part is making the buckets, but if you do, and you can set back up in a zone, the Tigers have had trouble so far. It slows the game down. If I am an opponent, I zone up every chance I get and take my chances. That being said, the Tigers are talented enough to overcome that against bad teams. Against the good ones.... we'll see. Bama played zone much more in the second half and played much better.

Why is ESPN the only one that is crazy enough to believe Michael Irvin?

It's Mariucci's fault, right Millen?

Noel Mazzone has the best gig in America. Maybe I got him fired when he was on the show before the Arkansas game and he asked me when I was going to get out of Arkansas. I told him I was trying to get to Memphis but he may have heard that there is a fence around it. Noel breaks out in laughter... Noel is now gone. He can thank me later. I love the guy, and he is going to be our college football analyst starting soon. I am paying him $250,000 of Ole Miss money to do it.

Omar and the Mets are getting a fantasy team.

The 72 Dolphins are going to be everywhere soon. I wish they would get a life.

Check out the Arkansas coach taunting the LSU player in Friday's game. Thanks Doug for the link. Classyshibest.gif‎(712KB)‎

Check out Jeremy Shockey.. sure that he has won. Hilarious...

Have a great day.... Verno.

Friday, November 25, 2005

The Picks

The Picks for the Holidays are as follows...

Verno's Solar System Lock of the Century x8

Carolina -4 over Bills

Gary's Lock of a Lifetime

Georgia -4 over G. Tech

Verno's FAT parlay

Fresno -15 over Nevada

Arkansas +17 over LSU

Texas -26 over Texas A&m

Gary's T.O. parlay

utep -7 over smu

oklahoma -18 over Okla St.

Have fun becoming a part of the Forbe's List


Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Got one right... thank God I don't have to erase that post. Fresno in... thanks for listening to 730 ESPN. I am clearly the hardest-hitting journalist out there, bringing you the news when it breaks with the help of my blind dog Job. Good lookin out Job.

Fresno in the Liberty Bowl?

I was told that Fresno is going to be invited to the Liberty Bowl and will accept. If it happens, I told you. If it doesn't, I will erase this message and act like I never said it. If it happens, and they play UCF, they will beat them to death. Massacre at the Liberty Bowl.



Monday, November 21, 2005


West Virginia got Pittsnogled. The guy blew it by missing free throw after free throw. WV had #2 Texas on the ropes and missed all their FT's down the stretch. It was a classic basketball game, esp. for it being this early in the year. You may wonder why I am even talking about this, but I have watched a ton of college bball today. Gonzaga looked awesome against Maryland, and Texas won their game (which they should not have). Both will be great home games for Memphis.

Friday, November 18, 2005

The Picks

Verno's Solar System Lock (unlimited stars)

Carolina -3 over the Bears

Baby Meteor Lockity Lock --- Giants -7 over the Eagles

Gary's Gay Lock of the Century is Houston +6 over the Chiefs

Gary's ParGay

Ohio St -3

Marshall -6

Oregon -13

Verno's Greatest Parlay in history of Western Civilization

Arkansas -13 Vandy +12 N. Dame -34 1/2

Have Fun makin Billions of dollars---- Verno and Gary-- makin Holiday wishes come true since October

Thursday, November 17, 2005


It is so clear to me that bacon is superior to sausage. Gary and I had this debate today and I encourage you to vote on the poll on the front page of the site. How can anyone prefer sausage? You vote, and we can decide who you side with on this.

Gary is in Bama for the game tonight and will give you his thoughts on the game and the atmosphere tomorrow. I picked the Tigers to beat Bama, and then beat UCLA, and then get beat by Duke. This is a big game for these guys, especially the young guys that Gary has told you, are not used to losing. Maybe they won't have to deal with it for a week.



Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Call me crazy

But I am betting that the Tigers take on Duke in the NIT finals on Thanksgiving weekend. I did not see Alabama play, but I know that Gottfried thinks it will take them a while, and they beat Miami Ohio by wearing them down and that will not happen against Memphis.

I did see UCLA last night and thought as I watched them play New Mexico State that the Tigers could absolutely beat them.

I thought this team look unbelievable last night, and gave everyone real reason to believe this is year will be different.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A chink in the under armour

Deangelo Williams should not have said that Coach West held him out of the game. False. He did not, he held himself out.

Deangelo Williams should not have said that "I wanted to play, it was the coach that said I wasn't ready." Untrue. If you believe Tommy, which I absolutely do.

Fans want to think that you would have died to get out on that field, that you could not stand not playing. That it killed you to not be out there against UT on that stage. That's not the impression anyone has gotten... not even the die-hards.

He should not have said that "it's difficult to tell depending on who you are playing."
That sends the message that he was scared, right or wrong, that's what it says. That's fine, he has a career to worry about, but he is on a team now that desperately needs him to try if he can and to not push it off on Tommy as if he was the reason.

Tommy was furious, trust me on this. He thought his guy could go, and he didn't. It really bothered him and that is why he reacted as he did.

Crazed fans can blame the media all they want, but this is not the media. The media helped build this guy into a massive name and local hero. When it's sugar it's sugar...

The kid screwed up. Be nutty if you like, but the truth in this situation is not pretty.

Great kid, great ambassador, great player. He bailed. It adds up to everyone with a brain at this point.

There is now a chink in the under armour.


Friday, November 11, 2005

The Picks

Only for people that want to be filthy rich

Verno's Lock of my Sock sitting on a Rock Pick of infinity days
Arkansas + 1 1/2

Gary's Lock of Infinity Days Squared
Georgia -3

Gary's Anti-Greg Roberts Parlay
USC -18 1/2
Vandy -11 1/2

Verno's WAC parlay
Western Michigan -3
Arizona -8
Carolina Panters -9

Have fun being a holiday millionaire.


Sunday, November 06, 2005

Elton John and the weekend that was

I got real lucky on Friday when I got a chance to see Elton John at the Forum. The guy was awesome and the sound in the Forum is unreal. By far the best sound of any place in town, and infinitely better than the tin can that was the Pyramid. Elton John puts on a killer show.... very impressive.

Sports notes...

Tennessee is now the best 3-5 team in the nation I guess.

It's been an awful season for the Vols, but give them Auburn's schedule and they are they would be 7-2.

How about Vandy vs. Tenn. for a chance to go to a bowl. And it should be a good game.

Bama is going to lose. They did not look good at all on Saurday.

I have been thinking about this, and haven't heard any Grizzly experts mention...

Pau's time off in the summer is beneficial in a two-fold way. It was good for the rest, which everyone sites, but it was also good to not play the style of international basketball. It is a less physical game and not playing there keeps that out of your system. I have been blown away by his aggressiveness. I hope he sustains this.

LeBron James is the best ticket in sports. anyone listening yet?

Arizona Coach Mike Stoops will get an extension soon. It's the way of the world now.

Why was Andre Allen suspended? As punishment?

Did Dick Vermeil cry when Larry Johnson scored... I couldn't see a good camera shot.

Thanks for listening.


Friday, November 04, 2005

The Picks-- only if you want millions

Gary's Three V Parlay
Virginia -35 over Temple
Vandy +19 over Florida
V Tech -6 1/2 over Miami

Verno's College Football Two Team Dream
Mich St -5 over Purdue
Alabama -16 over Miss St.

also take the Grizz -2 tonight over Orlando (easy money) hahahaha

Gary's Super Duper Trooper Double Double Triple Lock of the Millienium + another decade
UNLV +12 over BYU

Verno's Lock with no name (it's so big this time)
Giants -10 1/2 over 49ers