Thursday, June 30, 2011

Craig Brewer in the studio (The Audio)

Craig Brewer, Director of "Hustle and Flow" and "Blake Snake Moan", joined us in studio today.  We talked about his new movie "Footloose", his Tarzan project, the movie business, tv, etc.  He was tremendous.  Listen to this if you missed it...

Craig Brewer on The Chris Vernon Show (6-30-11)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Josh Selby in the studio (The Audio)

Josh Selby was selected 49th overall by the Memphis Grizzlies last night.  Today, he joined us in the studio to talk about his year at Kansas, his peers getting drafted ahead of him, what he likes, etc.  I loved this pick and think it has a chance to be a massive steal.

Josh Selby on The Chris Vernon Show -

Larry Porter in studio (The Audio)

After watching a listening to a ton of boring Larry Porter interviews (and conducting one or two myself) we decided that we absolutely had to get the Memphis coach in the studio.  I needed to sit down across from him and find out what he was really like.  I had gotten the feeling that there is no way that he was the way that I thought he came off in interviews.  Most of all I wanted to learn about him, and I think we achieved that.  I spent a hour after the show sitting and talking to him in the studio about all kinds of stuff, and I found him to be intensely likable and much different than my perception.  If you missed it, listen to this and I think you will like him too.

Larry Porter on The Chris Vernon Show

Friday, June 10, 2011

Memphis coach Josh Pastner on the show

Today Coach Pastner came on the show to talk about staff changes and other news surrounding the Tigers basketball program.  The stories of the new strength coach, errrrr Life Changer, were impossibly funny and we may get to see a masked man on the bench after all.  The photo is of the new coach... seriously.   Here is the interview if you missed it...
Josh Pastner on The Chris Vernon Show