Friday, September 29, 2006

Philanthropy (The Picks)

Verno's T.O. Cry for Help Parlay
S- Syracuse -5 vs Wyoming
O-- Ohio St. -7 over Iowa
S-- San Diego -2.5 vs Baltimore

Colonel Reb is Crying Lock of the Century (Infinity Stars)
Georgia -18 over Ole Miss (you can tease this one to -40 if you want to make it fun)

Gary's T.O. Parlay
P-- Penn State -19
I-- Indiana +11
L-- LSU -33
L-- Louisianna Laff. -8

Gary's Donate to the Tiger Scholarship Fund Pick
Tenn -13 over Mem

Bert Sugar Picks
Tenn, Oregon, Kentucky, Mich, Wash (against spread)

If you are here for the song.... here it is

Rep yo hood


This song is wild fire

Wow... I was sent a video for it on, my addiction. Mentions from Deadspin, everydayshouldbesaturday, every mesage board, etc. All I ever wanted was to have my voice heard, either that or I didn't have enough content for the show. Thank you internet for my 4 minutes of internet fame.

A guy named cbknox has put a video together for the song and put it on youtube. well done. I am sure this is my last weekend on earth once his kids are singing it.

ESPN's Chris Spielman Live @ It's Gameday

Former Ohio St, NFL player, current ESPN Analyst Chris Spielman will be live on remote with me today from 5-6. The store is at Meddenhall and Sanderlin.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dont Call It A Come Back - Colonel Reb is Crying


Colonel Reb is Crying 9/26/06

T.O. attempts suicide?

The Fort Worth Star Telegram reports that T.O. tried to kill himself last night. I cannot believe this story. I talk a lot about keeping sports in perspective. This is a guy with real problems behind all of the bluster. HERE IS THE LINK.

This morning is a primary example of why 730 is making such huge gains everyday. I was driving around and the other station is talking about college bball, while Mike and Mike have been all over this story for the last hour. The other station has no idea about the biggest sports story in the world, or does not care. Now... on to more calls about UT/Memphis, talk of Byron Nelson dying, and soccer...
You have a choice... all day.

I have to admit that this part of the story is strange to say the least....

FOX 4's Lynn Kawano said a police report stated Owens ingested a large amount of prescription pain medication at about 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.
Owens publicist called 911 at 7:47 p.m. and asked for emergency crews to respond to Owens' home near Deep Ellum.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

That was incredible

I thought MNF last night was great. ESPN handled it well. I thought that perspective was kept as well as it could have been, and it made everyone that watched want to heed to the pleas of the locals, and visit New Orleans.

I have never really cared about the Saints, but I almost lost my voice when they blocked the punt and ran it in to start the game. That was a sports moment I will never forget, and those don't happen everyday.

I thought the Kornheiser speech to start the game was great.


Friday, September 22, 2006

Philanthropy (the picks)

Verno's "cupboard bare" parlay
Fl Atlantic +30 over S. Carolina
UAB -9.5 over Miss St
Wake +2.5 over Ole Miss

Verno's Ambien CR deadbolt lock of the past 25 years INFINITY STARS

Gary's NAP Parlay
Nevada -7
Air Force +1
Purdue +2.5

Garys Pawn the Guitar Lock
Oregon State -25 over Idaho

Jimmy Denunzio Picks (9-1 so far this season)
Jax +7 over Colts
Minnesota +3 over Chicago
Cincy +3 over Pitts
S Fran +6 over Philly
Double Secret Triple Lock is New Orleans over Atlanta (MNF)

Bert Sugar Picks (10-4-2 this season with us)
C Mich -4 over Eastern Mich
Minnesota -3 over Purdue
Syracuse -6.5 over Miami (OH)
Bama +2 over Ark
UAB -10 over Miss St

Coyote Ugly Pick of the Week is
New England -6.5 over Denver (Coyote pick is 1-0 this season)

Rosers Pick
Kansas -4

Have a great weekend and I appreciate you listening to the show


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fridays Show

Before I get to the show, we reported yesterday on the show that the new Tigers beat writer (taking Gary's place) is a guy named Dan Wolken from Colorado Springs (he has been covering Air Force). He is young, he works very hard, and is a great writer. This is a great hire for the CA, and a great replacement for GP, who as you know, was a great beat writer for the Tigers.

It's a Packed out Friday..

Dave Richard from for fantasy football weekend preview, Gary Parrish and the Philanthropy (Picks) segment, Bert Sugar, Worlds Greatest Handicapper Jimmy Denunzio, etc.
I may mix in a local yokle to talk about Ryder Cup (just kidding).

I don't need to tell those of you reading this to listen to the show or the station, but make it a point to tell someone about it. Well prepared hosts, different topics on every show, the best interviews being done in the sports world... its how we roll. Word has gotten out big time as of late and all you have to do is come by our tailgate parties, etc. Thank you for listening, this is just the start. The only challenge was getting the word out, and once it does completely, its all over but the weeping and gnashing of teeth.

I am poison sumac

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Grizz Power Hour

Thursday on the Grizz Power Hour from 3-4 with me and Eric Hasseltine... Grizz Director of Scouting Tony Barrone Jr. in studio. We will talk about all of his travels over the summer and what is going on with the team right now, how players look, etc.

I am also planning on saying the most intelligent thing to ever come from a human tongue on the show.


Monday, September 18, 2006

Bruce Pearl thinks ABC 24 asks horses***t questions

Click on... Pearl won't answer question. You think they would ever ask Cal this if UT went further in the tourney? Yeah right.

What my producer looks like during the show

Jon Roser, ladies and gentlemen

Feelings Through Art (Part 2)

Friday, September 15, 2006

Philanthropy (The Picks are free)

Verno's Malignant Tumor Parlay (you would rather have one than not play this)
Notre Dame -6 over Michigan
Syracuse +3 over Illinois
UAB +17 over Georgia

Verno's NFL Picks AWDIGBO (All we do is get blown out)
San Diego -11 over Titans
Baltimore -12 over Oakland

Gary's Jerrell Powe Parlay
A-- Akron -1 1/2
C-- Conn -6
T-- Texas Tech -1 1/2

Gary's Lock of the World forever and ever +10 years
G Tech -17 1/2

Coyote Ugly Pick of the Week
San Francisco +3 over St. Louis

Jimmy Denunzio (Went 5-0 last week)
Jacksonville +1 1/2
Indy -13 1/2
Baltimore -12
Wash +6 1/2

Double Secret Lock times 4
New Orleans -2 over Green Bay

Those are the picks-- good luck becoming billionaires


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bert Sugar is smart

Bert went 5-0 last week and is 80% in his picks on the show. You could do a lot worse than taking his advice. Build your war chest.

Here are Bert's Picks for this week (these are #'s he got them at in Vegas)

ECU -1 1/2 over Memphis
Boston College -7 over BYU
Boise St. -7 over Wyoming
Oregon -4 1/2 over Oklahoma
Az State -10 over Colorado
Bonus Pick----- Stanford -2 1/2 over Navy

All of the other picks from the show (Including Denunzio who went 5-0 last week) will be up tomorrow after the show.

73% of Americans say that immigration is a serious problem.The other 27% said, 'No habla ingles.'--Conan O'Brien

Friday, September 08, 2006


Verno's King James Lock Parlay
C--- Central Florida +23 1/2 vs. Florida
A---Auburn -20 vs. Miss State
V---Vanderbilt +16 vs. Alabama

Verno's Supersonic Plutonic Bubonic Plague Guguplex Stars Lock of the New Millenium
Idaho +17 vs. Washington State (Dennis Erickson homey)

Gary's Counting Crows Parlay
C--- Cal -7 1/2 vs. Minnesota
R---Rutgers -10 1/2 vs. Illinois
O--- Okla -16 vs. Wash
W--- Wake Forest -19 vs. Duke
S--- Stanford or San Jose St.-- you choose line is 9 1/2

Jimmy Denunzio Picks
Jacksonville -2
Ohio St +2 1/2
Chicago Bears +3 1/2
Philly +4 1/2

Triple Triple Secret Lock Pick is MNF-- Minnesota +4 1/2 vs. Washington Redskins

Bert Sugar's Picks (against spread)
V Tech

Gary's Progressive (against spread) (Zombie)
Ohio St
Boston College
East Carolina Then put it all on Oregon

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Friday Show

3:30-- Dave Richard (Fantasy Football Columnist CBS Sportsline) will take your calls

4 oclock hour-- Gary Parrish, possible special guest, the picks for the weekend (where we make you millions)

5 -- Jimmy Denunzio (Self-Proclaimed Worlds Greatest Hadicapper)
5:20-- Weekly Cigar with Bert Sugar
5:40-- Chargers QB Phillip Rivers (tentative)

I will update the site with the picks before Saturday.

An Invitation

All of you are invited to attend our FIRST TIGER TAILGATE of the season. It will be @ Toby Park starting at 4 oclock, and it will go until 7pm. The Tigers play their home opener against Chattanooga. I am well aware that Ohio State and Texas are playing that night. If you are not going to the Tiger game and want to go home or some bar and watch #1 vs. #2, I still want you to come to the Tailgate.

We will have free drinks including kegs and frozen drink machines from Budweiser. We will have the Coyote girls from Coyote Ugly, and we will have free food from Central BBQ. How can you turn that down? Invite everyone you know and come out for the party. It's all free. Come say hello. Holler Holler. 730 ESPN is the King of the Tailgate. Represent.


Friday, September 01, 2006


Here are the picks from the show today

The Verno Shocker Parlay
Vandy +26 vs. Michigan
Southern Miss +20 1/2 vs. Florida

Verno's super duper trooper grilled grouper infinity stars lock of the century
Western Michigan +6 1/2 vs. Indiana

Why is this so easy?

Gary Parrish CBS Parlay
Cal -2 1/2 over UT
Bowling Green +10 1/2 vs. Wisconsin
Southern Cal -8 1/2 vs. Arkansas

Gary's South Florida screw the hurricane lock of the century katrina aid pick
Miami -3 over Florida State

Bert Sugar's Picks
Penn St -16 1/2 over Akron
Cal +2 vs. Ut (that's what he got it at)
Navy -12 1/2 over ECU
Ohio State -17 1/2 over Nothern Ill.
Nebraska -23 1/2 over La. Tech

There they are, have a safe holiday weekend.


Who wants to be a millionaire?

Today is the return of the 3 greatest handicappers in the history of western civilization.

Jimmy Denunzio from DiCaprio picks and bail bonds joins us on the show today, and you cannot afford to miss him. He is 100 percent in the last 10 years.

Gary and I will make our picks, including parlays. Parlays are the only way to make money like we make... billions this year. I will post all of the picks. If you do not listen to our picks, blame yourself when your kid has a crappy Christmas. We will do our part. We give back to the listeners by giving you the greatest picks this world has ever seen. This time of year, we don't give bums money, we give them picks. Why? Because we try to save the world.

Bert Sugar will be on the show and we will get his picks too. He will also tell us about the James Toney/ Samuel Peter fight tomorrow night.

Get ready to trade in your car and buy a Bentley, and get a new house. Listen only if you care about the future of you and your children. Otherwise, live in regret forever.