Thursday, September 22, 2005

Holy Crap

This Tiger stuff dropping in the morning is rough. Not good news for Tiger fans.

Gary Parrish

Gary is going to join the show full-time starting Monday. I could not be more excited to get Gary on board. As you know, Gary is a fantastic writer and I have a blast when we do the show together. It begins Monday.... Gary helps me get closer to world domination. Thought I would let you guys know first.

Bert Sugar and Spencer Tillman on the Friday show.

Get to Blue Coast Burrito on Friday for lunch, I will be there until 1.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Crap-- I guess I am an idiot

So the conversation took a weird turn today when Gary was on with me and I argued the fact that Jenny from Forrest Gump did not die of AIDS. I guess people knew this, but I never thought about it until today.

I got this email from Tony...

So Forrest and Jenny are talking in the park.....she says, "Forest, I'm sick". He says, "Is it a cough, due to cold?" She says "no Forest,it's a virus, something new, and they don't know what to do about it". This point in the movie was set in the early '80s because later hertombstone reads she died in something like 1983 or something. Verno, come on man, give it up.

This really dissapoints me. I guess the goof is me. Man, hard to say.


Monday, September 19, 2005

Some Weekend Notes

I was dead on about Dante Culpepper and will continue to be. Moss turned Jeff George, Todd Bouman, Gus Ferotte, Bubby Brister, Brad Johnson, and a carbon-dated Randall Cunningham into 300 yard passers. Cunningham was working at a tile place in Vegas, out of football, and came back and won a league MVP passing to Moss. Moss will now make Collins a stat monster.

USC was incredible against Ark. How do you win the T.O.P by 10 minutes and lose by 53? How do you have the ball over 13 minutes of the 1st qtr and get down 28-7? If I didn't see it I would have said it was impossible.

Vandy may not be in the bottom half of the SEC? Ole Miss and Ark. wins already. I still think they beat one of the big dogs. Maybe Georgia?

Watching Sterling Sharpe call the Sunday night game with Mike Tirico made me miss Mike, Paul, and Theisman. Sterling Sharpe is like Shannon Sharpe without the great wit. I think all little brothers are the funnier ones.

Memphis may have a really tough time against Tulsa. Who could have imagined that? Tulsa beat N Texas 54-2. I guess after playing Oklahoma and Minnesota, N Texas looks a lot different. Its why I love tough non-conference schedules for have-not conference teams.

I am glad Notre Dame has that NBC contract, they are a blast to watch. Quinn throws it 60 times?

Nice wide open offense for Nebraska. They average 3.9 yards per pass in a 7-6 thriller over Pitt. They averaged more than that with the option! God, they suck, and they are 3-0.

I would be surprised if Mike Tice makes it 2 more weeks as Vikings coach.

USC just scored again.....


Friday, September 16, 2005

Thanks and here are the picks

Thanks to all of you that came out to Blue Coast Burrito today. As always, the show can be instant offense, and the place was packed. Thank you. I will be out there every Friday from 9a-1p. The ESPN Girls are on hand and we have prizes and ticket giveaways.

Bert Sugar gives his guaranteed losers every week on the show. Bert says these are his picks for this week...


Pitt (bet Nebraska)
Buffalo (bet Rutgers)
N. Carolina (bet Wisconsin)
Army (bet Baylor)
Nevada-Reno (bet UCLA)

My 5 bazzilion star lock of the century--- of which we are 2-0 this season

is ....... Idaho +14 against Washington

I have done 25,000 hours of research for this game.. either that or I closed my eyes and put a pen down and it landed on Idaho.

Either way, if it is wrong you get picks for eternity for free

Keep the peace, Go Dores


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Please accept my apology

I really apologize for not posting on the blog. I ran into a really busy time and getting this up has been lost in the shuffle. I appreciate that you read this, and have let me know that it is time to get back to work on the site.

The towers have the groundwork done and it should be less than a few weeks before the flamethrower is in tact. That will certainly fix many of the problems that i am emailed with. You should be able to pick up this station anywhere very soon.

Streaming on the web within 2 weeks will be available.

We have moved to our temp space on Beale while our studios are being built and the temp space is unbelievable. First class.

I have been working on getting something done for the show and an announcement is forthcoming on a wonderful addition.

I will post my picks for the weekend and Bert Sugars Loser Picks tommorow. Stay tuned for that.

Thank you to all of you for listening and coming to the website. This has been grassroots for a minute, but there is coming a time, very soon where your gran-mammy will know about 730.

Come join me for luch at Blue Coast Burrito tommorow (Friday). We will be there with the ESPN girls, tickets, and ESPN schwag until 1pm. It is off Highland, on Walker, across from RP Tracks, right by the University.

Verno the Gr-gr-gr-gr-eat.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

What a day.

Enjoy college fball this weekend. On Monday we will be in the Highland Hundred parking lot giving away ESPN gear and food from Blue Coast Burrito. We are excited to become more involved in the community and the local school by becoming one of the corporate members of a club that we have a lot of respect for. Please stop by, get some free stuff, and say hello.

We will be out there by 10:30 or 11 am.

Continue to pray for all of those affected by Katrina.