Friday, June 30, 2006

Grizz Director of Scouting and analaseez

Tony Barrone Jr. will be on the show today to talk about the draft, scouting, and the summer league team for the Grizz.

A quick hit on the draft. I hate to see Shane Battier go. Anyone that knows basketball knows what this guy brings to the table. He was the Grizzlies best on-ball and help defender. He makes winning plays and is totally selfless. Houston got a championship component when they acquired that guy.

On the other hand, this was a great step in the right direction for the Grizzlies. They needed to get more athletic and they did, and they needed to acquire players that could out-perform a contract, which they did. Gay and Lowry, along with Alexander Johnson, are seriously worth getting excited about. Alexander Johnson defames a guy.

An incredible Rudy Gay montage (always makes me think of Team America World Police when I use that word.)

I like what the Grizz are doing. I will bet there is more to come.

In the Ipod--- Young Jeezy (because I am from the streets), Arctic Monkeys (seemed like a good time to fire them up again), and Flyleaf (because the chick lead singer is scary)

Holla Holla


Thursday, June 29, 2006

Grizz Draft and Future

I will update the site for tomorow. Until then, enjoy Herrington's Analysis of Last Night. Great read.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Jerry West is talking crazy

I have nothing else. Cannot wait for the show. As Logo would say, if you do not like the show, "to hell with you."

Monday, June 26, 2006

730 ESPN New Home For Vols in Memphis

We were proud to announce that 730 ESPN is now the home for the Vols in Memphis. This is a huge step for us as a station. First the Cardinals, then the signal boost, then the return of Mike and Mike and the addition of Jim Rome, and now having the rights to the Vols in Memphis is massive. Our programming has taken a huge leap in the last few weeks, and I am ecstatic about the future of 730 ESPN. Things are getting better all the time. The combo of the Vols and the Cardinals is a serious combo in this town. Holla Holla.

Here is the Press Release about the Vols...


Memphis, TN – 730-AM ESPN has completed an affiliation agreement with the Tennessee Volunteers to become its new radio broadcast partner here in Memphis. 730 ESPN will carry Vols football, including 90-minute pre-and-post game shows, as well as Tennessee Men’s basketball and select women’s basketball games.

"We are extremely excited about 730 ESPN being the new home of the Tennessee Volunteers in the Bluff City,” said Glenn Thackston, Director of Operations/Assistant GM for Host Communications/Vol Network. “In our comprehensive search for the right radio partner in Memphis, we became more and more impressed with 730 ESPN as the station's programming and coverage expanded significantly over the last several months. The Vol Network looks forward to growing with this exciting new sports station and 730 ESPN serving as the listening destination for U-T athletics in the Memphis market."

The Vol Network is one of the largest and most respected collegiate radio and television networks in the country. With 50-plus year history dating back to its founding by hall of fame announcer Lindsey Nelson and hall of fame Coach General Robert Neyland, the Vol Radio Network is made up of close to 70 radio affiliates located across the Southeast.

"When I arrived in Memphis in December, I spent two months researching which properties Memphians were most passionate about and vice versa. With all four hours of Mike and Mike in the Morning, Colin Cowherd, Jim Rome, Dan Patrick, Cardinals’ Baseball and now U-T football and basketball, we feel like we have successfully partnered with networks which match our passion for quality sports programming. This is a very exciting time for 730 ESPN,” said station program director Jon Madani.

730-AM ESPN has also agreed to air coach’s shows and select Vols’ features throughout the seasons. Tennessee opens the football season September 2nd on 730-AM ESPN.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Live from Autozone Park today

I am doing the show live from Autozone Park from 3-6.

Peter Vescey (New York Post) is on the show today. Also, I will have some Redbirds/ Cardinals guests, Gary Parrish from (haha), and weekly visits with Phillip Rivers and Bert Sugar.


update--- all falling apart. Vescey had a time conflict, Phillip is at the hospital with his wife becasue she is having a baby, and Bert is in Chicago. Great that this all happens 20 minutes before showtime. Ahh well... the show will be incredible now.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Congrats to Gary Parrish

If you heard the show today, you know by now that Gary is leaving the Commercial Appeal. He has accepted the National College Basketball Columnist job at You all know how much fun we have on the show, and I honestly could not be more happy for someone. Gary is a great writer, and now the nation will know. He is staying in Memphis and on the show, and will start writing for sportsline at the start of July. Anyway, big props to Gary. I hate him for this.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Big Show, Big Show

Today on the show...

San Fransisco Giants Pitcher and Memphian Matt Cain (Last night 4 outs from no-hitter)

St. Louis Post Dispatch Columnist Bernie Miklasz (Cardinals, etc.)

Outside chance @ LaDanian Tomlinson (for real)

Call the granmammy


Monday, June 19, 2006

The times (and lineup) are a changin

Jim Rome is back on the air in Memphis, and on 730 ESPN. Mike and Mike are back too. So now we have the full show of Mike and Mike in the morning, 2 hours of Cowherd, 2 of Rome, 2 of Patrick, and then my show. I love the changes, and they coincide with the signal boost. Rome is one of those shows that people love or hate, but there is no debating that it is the biggest sports radio show in the nation, and I am glad it is on our station.

More announcements to come....


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Signal done and on

The signal is up and you should notice a major difference. In Cordova, I picked up the Cardinals game, in my house, @ 7:40 at night, on a crappy radio. Thanks to those of you that have listened to the station and been patient. I have tried to keep you updated along the way the best I could, and now its a question that hopefully I will not have to answer a billion times a week. Again, thank you for listening.

Here is the release...

730 AM ESPN Radio Boosts Signal Strength

Memphis, TN - 730 ESPN Radio can now be heard all over the Mid-South. The station has completed a signal upgrade and is now transmitting from four new towers located in West Memphis, AR.
Previously, Cardinals baseball fans had expressed some frustration regarding their ability to hear the games as well as the Chris Vernon show in areas of Germantown and Collierville. The station had to await FCC approval, but that has now been received and the station began running at about four-times its previous strength as of Friday afternoon.
“It’s simply another step towards our goal of becoming the primary choice for fans of sports and entertaining talk,” said program director Jon Madani. “We will continue to listen to our fans and try to deliver for them whenever possible.”
730 ESPN Radio is currently the home of St. Louis Cardinals baseball, the af2 defending champion Memphis Xplorers and ESPN network programming like the Dan Patrick Show, Colin Cowherd and Mike and Mike in the Morning.
“Everyone loves ESPN Radio, says station manager Kevin Fry. “Now everyone can hear ESPN Radio.”

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


If you have questions that you want asked... send them to Thanks for listening and tell your granmammy to tune in today.


Friday, June 02, 2006

Out of Pocket

I will be back in a week. Eric Hasseltine and Jon Madani will be filling in. I will update when I get back.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Tony Barrone-- sorry for late notice

Grizzly fans-- email me if there is a question you want us to ask Tony Barrone (Dir. of player personell).

today on the show @ 3. Replay at 5:40