Friday, October 31, 2008

Philanthropy (The Picks)

The documented Philanthropy record for the season stands at 32-15 (68%).

This is so easy. Here are the games...

Florida -6 over Georgia (Georgia gave up almost 500 yds against LSU last week. Florida is 6-1 ats in last 7 SEC games, after losing to Ole Miss they are on a mission. Florida rolls here.)

Texas -4 over Texas Tech (I have no idea why so many people like Tech in this game. Texas has taken on the giants and punished them. 8-1 ats in last 9 games. McCoy completes 82% of his passes, and I watched Tech struggle with Nebraska. Texas covers 4 easy.)

Missouri -20 over Baylor (I thought this line would be 35. We get it at less than 3 td's. Missouri 8-1 ats in last 9 road games. They have only lost to Ok St and Texas but they beat the crap out of bad teams. Baylor is 85th in total d and 87th passing d. Bad news. Missouri in a romp)

Oregon St -15 over Arizona St (Arizona St is trash. They came off a bye and lost by 5 tds at home to Oregon. Oregon St is a covering machine at home over the years. 38-18-1 ats in last 57. Oregon St 10-1 in last 11 on turf (turf team!). Az State is 0-6 ats on turf. 15 not enough.

Minnesota -6 over Northwestern (I love this game and am counting on it. We find a team and ride them, and Minny has been good to us. Like the QB Weber. Minny is 6-0 ats in conference, 6-1 ats overall this year. Northwestern nerds have 1 win over semi-decent team, it was Iowa, and Iowa turned it over 5 times and still barely lost to them. The nerds are banged up, including their QB and they catch a beat down early in the morning on Saturday, making it for a fun rest of the day for us.

Have a great weekend, you should all be billionaires by now.

Mic Check this week

Mic Check was based on the article below.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Who the Vols should hire...

I believe Phil Fulmer is a great football coach who is a victim of his own success. I think he is judged against his own record, when he was winning 85% of his games. I think that is totally unrealistic and I think the Tennessee job is, at best, the 4th best job in the conference. But none of that matters. I may think the fan base is stupid, but I cannot deny that they have turned on him. It appears inevitable that Fulmer will be gone at the end of the year.

So we move on to who to hire if you are Tennessee. Most of the names that have come up regarding the job are hilarious to me. If you replace one of the most successful coaches ever in a conference where it is very hard to win, you better think long and hard about who that is.

Who could you hire that would leave their current job?
Who is a great coach at a place where the UT job would be an upgrade?
Who is a guy that has competed against and defeated teams in the conference?
Who is a guy with recruiting ties in the South?
Who is a guy that nobody could ever say is a worse coach than Fulmer?
Who is a guy that you would feel comfortable coaching against Saban, Meyer, and Richt?

In my opinion, you have to go get somebody proven to be better than Fulmer if you are gonna fire him. That list is very short in terms of record.

The perfect choice for the Vols is the man that will stand across the field from them in their next game... Darth Visor himself.... back up the Brinks and get Steve Spurrier. He is so competitive and realizes that it is freaking impossible to win big at South Carolina.
There is your huge name that makes sense. If he failed for some reason, nobody could ever say it was a bad hire.
Hey, and he is a Tennessee native.

That is what I would do. Steve Spurrier. I don't buy for a second that he has lost the fire or the desire to be great, I think he is at a tough place to win.

Grizzlies Roundtable w/ 3 Shades of Blue

3 Shades of Blue put together a Grizzlies roundtable about the upcoming season at the end of last week. I was part of the roundtable, along with Geoff Calkins, Chris Herrington, and Eli Savoie. The discussion covered just about every topic you can imagine regarding the team this year.
Here it is (podcast form)...
Grizzlies roundtable discussion (3 Shades of Blue)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I will never trust Joe Lee Dunn again...

3-2 on the philanthropy picks this week. The season record is now 32-15 (68%). Ole Miss gave up a late TD to Arkansas and I still cannot believe that Idaho won a game, those were our two losses. Thanks for holding the Idaho potatoes to 271 yds rushing Joe Lee Dunn. I should have known better than to trust that dude. New Mexico State should shut down their program. I am serious. Got Georgia, Minny, and Troy... but 3-2 is totally unacceptable.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Philanthropy (The Picks)

Philanthropy record for the season (documented) 29-13 (69%)

Troy -24 over North Texas (116th ranked d in the nation for N Texas, bad news. N. Texas is absolute trash. 2-12 ats vs. winning team. Troy is 14-5 ats in last 19. Rice beat N Texas 77-20.

Ole Miss -6 over Arkansas (Revenge game for Houston. Ole Miss is 7-2 ats in last 9. 3-0 ats on the road. Arkansas 2-5 ats in last 7. Ole Miss kills them this weekend.)

Minnesota +1 over Purdue (Minn is 11-2 ats vs. teams with a winning record. Purdue 2-6-1 ats in last 9 games. Minnesota QB Adam Weber is the deal. Minn--sssttttraiiiight up!)

Georgia +1.5 over LSU (LSU is a phony. Georgia is 6-2 ats vs. teams with winning record. LSU has played 1 good team this year, they lost by 30. LSU 2-6-1 ats in last 9 at home. Georgia-- stttrrraight up!)

N Mex. St. -13 over Idaho (This is the insult of all insults. Idaho is the worst team in the history of western civilization. They cannot cover anything under 30. The spread in all of their games should be 3td's and then go from there. This is insane. N Mx St by at least 20)

Mic Check (TV bit) from this week

Mic Check: Return of Houston Nutt

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace (The Audio)

Wallace was on for the weekly segment live from Orlando today. We talked about how the team has looked so far, the roster, etc. Have you ever wondered who the Grizzlies would have taken if they would have gotten the #1 pick? Wallace told us. Check it.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008

It finally happened...

We took our first losing week on the Philanthropy picks this week as I just watched Air Force get stopped at the 2 yd line and kick a field goal when a TD would have covered it for us. Heartbreak. Ole Miss we got, and we got Kansas, but Miss. St. threw two pick 6's in a row to blow that game open for UT, and I have no idea about Wake. So we ended 2-3 on the day, moving the season record to 29-13 (69%) . Unacceptable. The rest of the season is free. Muhahahahahaha.

Surprise guest Kelly Pavlik

Weekly regular Bert Sugar was on the show from Atlantic City on Friday. While we were talking he gave the phone to none other than Kelly Pavlik. Here is what happened if you missed it...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Philanthropy (The Picks)

Philanthropy season record stands at 27-10 for the season (every pick documented every week on That is 73% this season. You roll with Vinnie Verno or you don't roll.

Here are the picks for this weekend...

Ole Miss +13 over Alabama (Alabama has punked out teams that have weak interior play. This will not be the case with the Rebels. Ole Miss gives Bama all they want.)

Miss St +7.5 over Tennessee (Holy crap, UT is over a TD favorite in a game. Insulting. I won't be surprised if the Bullies take them down and it gets Phil fired. Miss. St is 3rd in the nation against the pass, and UT thinks they are a passing team. The 104th ranked offense should not be giving over a TD to anyone)

Wake -1.5 over Maryland (The last time we saw Maryland they were getting crushed by Virginia 31-0. I think Wake is gonna win the ACC. Their defense is great. They are 5-1 ats on the road, 8-2 ats against winning teams, 10-3 ats in last 13 games, Maryland has 92nd ranked D in the nation and 96th ranked D against the pass. Is this enough to convince you?)

Air Force -4.5 over UNLV (This seems to be like an absolute mortal lock. You know I love Air Force and I still have no idea how they get no respect on these lines. The last 2 weeks we have seen UNLV get beat by 2td's by Colorado St, and lose by 3td's to Nevada. They cannot stop the run. In fact, they are 110th in the nation against it. Bad, bad news when you face the 5th ranked running team in the nation. Air Force is a covering machine. I hope they never get respect, they make us rich)

Kansas +20 over Oklahoma (20? what the heck is going on here? 20? Kansas is again one of our favorite teams to roll with as Mangino is a covering machine. Kansas is 6-1 ats on the road in last 7, 20-6 ats in their last 26 games, and let me remind you that they are 17-2 in their last 19 games overall. Now I get 3 tds? Crazy. I'll take it.)

Dan Wetzel gets down with Thursday underdogs, mentions show

Dan Wetzel was here yesterday for CUSA Media day because Yahoo is doing a Hard Knocks type show about the Tigers for their website. He told me that he was going to be flying out of Memphis to get to the TCU/BYU game and then I told him what was going to happen in the game. Ha! Anyway, Wetzel wrote his article about the concept today with some great research included.
He wrote...
"My friend Chris Vernon gave me the Thursday night home dog one. Vernon hosts a radio show in Memphis – which is not located in Nevada and, as a result, is a place where no gambling occurs. If he happens to buy a new HD television set anytime soon, it’s solely because of the big ratings his show gets.
However, upon hearing I was covering the game he said he felt bad for BYU for purely journalistic reasons. The Cougars were a heck of a story that unfortunately had to end because TCU was a home underdog and all of that."

Here is the whole article... BYU buried by Thursday trouble
Big thanks to Dan for mentioning the show.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Robert Vaden in studio, Chris Wallace (The Audio)

Robert Vaden from UAB was chosen as the pre-season CUSA player of the year. He joined us in studio to talk about everything. Going through the NBA draft process, Mike Davis, playing at Indiana, catching fire against Kentucky last year, Memphis, this past weekend, etc. Vaden is a really good guy with a good head on his shoulders. The audio is loaded.

Our weekly segment with Chris Wallace is also loaded in the player.
Jason Witten from the Cowboys is scheduled to join us on the show tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ECU coach Skip Holtz (the audio)

Skip Holtz was on the show on Tuesday to talk about their season so far, dealing with injuries, the landscape of college football in the Carolina's, the Memphis game this weekend, etc.

One thing I love about NBA pre-season games...

is getting to see players that I never knew existed. Such was the case with Josh Davis, who was playing for the Indiana Pacers the other night. I had never heard of this guy in my life.
Josh Davis is a living, walking, breathing, NBA playing, avatar. I could not believe my eyes. I could not even decide if this was really a human that I was watching on the court. Here is the visual evidence (and the picture does not do this man justice)...

Josh Davis = The Avatar

Monday, October 13, 2008

Terry Bowden and Romo (The Audio), philanthropy

The Philanthropy record moved to 27-10 (73%) on the year (all documented on 3-2 this past weekend. I am clearly totally unreal at picking games against the spread. I might be the best of all-time.
It is not a matter of if we win, it is only of how many out of the five games we get. Still no losing weekends this year.

College football analyst Terry Bowden was on the show today and talked about his brother getting fired this morning, Auburn and Tennessee situations, spread offense, etc. He is always money. Bowden is loaded, as is our weekly segment with Bill Romanowski.

Friday, October 10, 2008

I had to go to St. Louis...

for a family emergency, so I will not be doing the show today. I already had the Philanthropy Picks ready to post so here they are...

Season record 24-8 (75%) documented

Air Force -10 over San Diego (SDSU gave up 383 yds rushing last week, and 569 to Air Force on the ground last year. SDSU is 118 in nation against the rush. Bad news)

Ball St. -15.5 over Western Kentucky (I know a good ride when I see it. They will kill this team just like they have killed everyone else they have played this year)

Northern Illinois -11 over Miami (OH) (Miami OH is 1-7 ats in last 8, NIU is 7-0 ats, Miami just lost by 18 at home to Temple!)

Arizona -6 over Stanford (Zona is a great ats team, away team is 7-1 ats in the series. More importantly, Stanford made Jimmy Claussen look like the greatest QB ever)

Utah -23 over Wyoming (Wyoming cannot cover a number. Also, Utah is 6th against the rush and Wyoming is one of the worst passing teams in the nation. If that were not enough- Wyoming's coach flipped off Utah after the Utes drilled them 50-0 last year).

Have a great weekend. I hope to be back Monday.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Georgia coach Mark Richt (The Audio), show tomorrow on location

Mark Richt was on the show today to talk about offenses in college football, Matt Stafford, having to do two call-in shows after a loss (ha), penalty problems, the UT game this weekend, etc. I always like having him on the show, he is always good. The audio is loaded below.

The show tomorrow will be live at Ubee's on the Highland Strip. We will be there from 3-6pm before the Memphis/ Louisville game. We will give away tickets to the game if you don't have any. Come by and get some drinks and some food before you head to the Liberty Bowl.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Houston Nutt on the show

Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt joined us on the show today, and he watches Mic Check. unreal. We talked to Houston about the season so far, the Florida win, the South Carolina loss, Jevan Snead, what is wrong with Greg Hardy, etc. Audio is loaded-- and it works now.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Dan Hawkins, Bill Romanowski (the audio), added guest

We are now scheduled to have Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt on the show tomorrow. Mark Richt will be on Thursday, Jason Whitten scheduled for Friday.

The weekly bit with Romo is loaded. Dan Hawkins is loaded, and he was a gem as expected. He is seriously one of my favorite guests because he is such a different kind of guy.
remember- we are at Moe's Southwest Grill in Cordova Thursday, Ubee's on Highland Strip on Friday (before Memphis/Louisville game).

Go play intramurals brother

Colorado coach Dan Hawkins is one of our favorite coaches to have on every year. We can always count on him to wax philosophical about football and life, and give us a book to read. He will be on in the 4oclock hour.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Tommy West (The Audio), guests this week

Tigers coach Tommy West joined us on the show Monday to talk about the season so far, spread offenses in college football, changing recruiting philosophy, etc.

Scheduled for the show this week... Colorado coach Dan Hawkins, Georgia coach Mark Richt, Dallas Cowboys TE Jason Whitten.

The show is on the road this week twice. Thursday we will be live from Moe's Southwest Grill in Cordova and Friday (before Memphis game) we will be at Ubee's on the Highland Strip.

Tommy West audio is loaded...

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Who takes care of you?

This is another actual photo of me bursting into flames this weekend. Vinnie Verno takes care of you. 4-1 this weekend and the NFL parlay hits for the third time this season. This is getting totally ridiculous now. I will imagine that we can all now meet in the ocean on our yachts. Let's be honest, I might be the best handicapper in the world. The picks on the show (Philanthropy) now...
24-8 (75%) ATS documented.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Philanthropy (The Picks)

Vinnie Verno picks winners, you make money. The rich get richer. Philanthropy record is now 20-7 this season (74%).

Missouri -10 over Nebraska (Daniel has 12 tds and 1 pick, Huskers gave up 377 yds to V Tech. Last years score...41-7)

Kansas -12 over Iowa St. (Mangino is a covering machine. They kill this team every year.)

Florida -24.5 over Arkansas (Arkansas is trash, they continue to prove it. Until the line against them hits 35, we keep winning)

Ball St -8 over Toledo (Toledo lost to Florida International House of Pancakes.... by 19! This is an insult)

Nevada -24 over Idaho (Every week we bet against this team, every week we win. So easy)

The NFL Parlay is the Chalk Road Warriors 3 team parlay of the year!
Titans -1 over Balt
Bears -3.5 over Detroit
Pats -3 over San Fran


Best. Postseason. Ever. I told you so. What a total embarrasment the Cubs are. Their winning this season and having all those fans buy into it makes this so much better. "This is the year!" Nope! Actually it is the year, the year that the pain gets even worse because they actually believed they had a chance. The Cubs will never win, ever. The regular season highlight video is gonna be great. 100 years... and counting. Muuahhahahahahahaha. I would implore all Cubs fans to ditch their team now and root for the Cardinals, a real team.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Derrick Mason and Patrick Willis (The Audio)

These two are truly some of the great guys in the NFL. I always thought that Willis was an amazing story considering all that he had been through. He was the best linebacker I have ever seen in person when he was at Ole Miss. Derrick Mason is the consummate pro and keeps gettin it done at 34. Both were great to talk to on the show. Audio is loaded if you missed them.

A couple of NFL guests on today...

Ravens WR Derrick Mason and 49ers LB Patrick Willis are scheduled to join us on the show today. Both should be in the 4oclock hour.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Movies Song has been added

I put the song on the side along with the other songs. Every week we get requests to send it to people or to put it on the site and I am not real sure why we never have. Anyway, the link is on the side now.

The Romo audio is loaded

I had gotten requests to put up the audio of our bit with Romanowski from Monday. If you scroll down to where the player is, it is there. If you missed it, Romo talked about how he tried to cheat once, how he choked Tony Gonzalez, and you will hear what he called JJ Stokes (we had to bleep when it was live).

The Playmaker in Memphis...

Michael Irvin was in our studio this morning. He hosts his own show in Dallas and was in town for some business, so he used Verno's golden microphone, ha. The guy was totally cool to everyone at the station. I had never met Irvin before, so you never know with guys that are that famous, but he was way cooler and more humble than a bunch of guys that we have run across.

CVERNON.COM Exclusive: Tigers getting big time transfer

This dude looks mean.
I was told that Jon Demps is transferring from Florida to the U of M. He was ranked as the #8 inside LB in the nation coming out of high school.

When I ran a search for this dude, the article that came up was about him beating another guy with a sandwich. In fact, that was the title-- Florida player beats a guy with a sandwich.

Here is the actual story about it....

And here is the Rivals profile of the kid...