Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Bruce Pearl

Thanks to Doug for sending me this info on the new Tennessee bball coach...

The man has a 79% winning percentage. (231 - 46 at Southern Indiana, 88 - 38 at UWM for a total of 319 - 84).He took over programs that were winning 50% of their games and raised it to 80%.Southern Indiana:

He took over for Bo Ryan (a guy who won 78% of his games in his career before he got the job at Wisconsin) at UWM. Ryan is regarded as one of the best coaches in the Big Ten. He has no top 100 players and you can watch him today try to beat UNC in the elite 8.

Anyway here are the numbers for UWM:Before Ryan: 28 - 81Ryan: 30 - 27Pearl: 88 - 38Pearl was coach of the year in the horizon 3 years out of 4. He has raised some much excitement that they now play their games in a bigger arena in Milwaukee.

UWM has never made any post season...well Pearl has taken them to 2 NCAA's and 1 NIT in his 4 years (of course made the sweet sixteen this year).The other thing like I really like is that he's in his 40's and has history to fall back on with winning.

Most 'Hot' coaches are young and have done it for a couple of years then get's promoted. This guy was the fastest to 200 wins, rebuilt two programs and has never had a losing season in 13 years.

The man is a phenominal coach and you will be happy with not only winning, but having a great charasmatic steward of your basketball program.