Friday, March 04, 2005

The Friday show

I hope you got to hear Rick Glazer on the Boxing show this morning. We talked about how Showtime is going to be free for cable subscribers this weekend and you can watch the fights that they have. Jeff "Left Hook" Lacy is a guy that I like-- but Glazer killed his opponent Reuben Williams--- saying he was a bum with no chin and no heart and the fight would be over in the first or second round. It was hilarious. Everyone agreed that the Main Event--- Diaz/ Castillo-- would be a great fight. Check it out if you get a chance.

I have a problem with Memphis not being sure about playing Louisville or Cincy next year. I thought it should have been made a sure thing. R.C. Was sure about it a week ago, and now nobody is sure? I thought that Peter and Eli did a good job of getting answers from Bonowski this morning.

rumors include Mike Anderson to UT if they fire Buzz, and Matt Doherty to East Carolina.

Jason Ferguson (DT Cowboys) signed a 9 mil. Signing bonus and was on the show today. He was a great interview. I thought it was hilarious when I asked him if he blamed Doug Brien for the loss to Pittsburgh in the playoffs and he laughed and said, "Yeah, I blame him."

Let me know what guests you want to hear on the show. Bill "Spaceman" Lee has been confirmed for the 16th. I encourage you to let me know who you want to hear and we will make it happen if we can.

I am going to be getting together your chance to meet the great Sandy at a remote soon.