Sunday, March 13, 2005

Tigers vs. Louisville Part 2

Gary Parrish writes a post-game article,1426,MCA_652_3617944,00.html

Geoff Calkins writes a column,1426,MCA_468_3617324,00.html

As I said yesterday, I have never really felt like I would throw up at a game as it completed. I did yesterday. Darius Washington will never forget what happened on Saturday, and none of us that were in the arena and watched it will either.

It was the best college basketball game that I have ever seen in person. The swings of emotions that were part of that game will be unmatched for some time.

There is not a kid that grew up playing sports that hasn't taken those free throws in his backyard thousands of times. In the backyard, the pressure isn't the same, and you always win.
Unfortunately that is not real life.

No one blames Darius, except Darius. He was the reason that the Tigers were even in that position, but he doesn't want to hear that.

I thought John Calipari coached an incredible tournament. With literally hours to prepare for each game, he had the Tigers prepared to attack whatever was thrown at them.

The Tigers made an incredible run at a bid for the tournament. They had the coaching, the effort, and the chance to seal the deal. Unfortunately, Darius wasn't in the backyard, he was in front of millions with the burden of hope riding on the shots he would shoot.

Here is hoping he forgives himself...

It was classic drama, no matter the outcome. Totally unforgettable.