Monday, August 22, 2005

SEMI BIG NEWS MONDAY (Pierre and Roberson)

We broke some more news today on the show when we told you that Pierre Niles has withdrawn from Ridgeway High School. Pierre is one the best high school bball players in the nation, and a part of one of the best classes in a long time. At this point, though Pierre is not in school, the word is that he will go to a prep school (maybe IMG). I hate to see that Pierre is not going to finish school playing bball in the Memphis area, but I hope he can get his academics straight.
It puzzles me that we see this happening with another huge bball player that is enrolled in a Memphis City School. Is it them? Is it the schools? The guardians? It is probably a bad combo of all three. I hope this kid gets things straight, because by all accounts, he is really good kid with a tremendous future in basketball. Thanks to Keith Easterwood for helping us with this story. Another Memphis high school great goes somewhere else to get eligible. Depressing.

I had Scotty Nguyen on the show. Scotty is a former World Series of Poker champion and is playing down at the WSOP event at the Grand Casino this week. He was an absolute trip. Good interview, hilarious guy.

The other news we brought to you on the show today is that Anthony Roberson signed a 2 year deal with the Grizzlies. He told us when I had him on the show today. An innocent question about his status of making the team turned into a good little nugget. A 2 year deal does not mean that you are coming to camp to get cut. I would be real surprised if this doesn't mean the end of Antonio Burks in a Grizz uni.

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