Thursday, September 15, 2005

Please accept my apology

I really apologize for not posting on the blog. I ran into a really busy time and getting this up has been lost in the shuffle. I appreciate that you read this, and have let me know that it is time to get back to work on the site.

The towers have the groundwork done and it should be less than a few weeks before the flamethrower is in tact. That will certainly fix many of the problems that i am emailed with. You should be able to pick up this station anywhere very soon.

Streaming on the web within 2 weeks will be available.

We have moved to our temp space on Beale while our studios are being built and the temp space is unbelievable. First class.

I have been working on getting something done for the show and an announcement is forthcoming on a wonderful addition.

I will post my picks for the weekend and Bert Sugars Loser Picks tommorow. Stay tuned for that.

Thank you to all of you for listening and coming to the website. This has been grassroots for a minute, but there is coming a time, very soon where your gran-mammy will know about 730.

Come join me for luch at Blue Coast Burrito tommorow (Friday). We will be there with the ESPN girls, tickets, and ESPN schwag until 1pm. It is off Highland, on Walker, across from RP Tracks, right by the University.

Verno the Gr-gr-gr-gr-eat.