Monday, October 10, 2005

Monday, Monday

It is Tommy West's responsibility to fix the problems with the Memphis defense. If everyone wants to blame Joe Lee Dunn, that is fine by me, but remember that it is Tommy who has the record next to his name. It is also Tommy that gets paid the big bucks. Coach West is a great guy and I guess that is why Joe Lee is getting killed and Tommy is in the clear. He was a defensive coordinator and if he thinks things need to be changed scheme or a change in players... its his call.

In the end, I am sorry, but there is not a D Coor in America that can make some of those guys good cover corners. There is one that can help them out more, and Tommy needs to get in the mix if he already has not.

At least Avery CAN throw.........

Maybe the next team that gets a look from a better conference one day is the team that just beat the Tigers.... That Florida market is nice to have.