Monday, October 03, 2005

Sorry for the pause in action

I have been so glad that I was able to add Gary to the show. The show has been a blast the past few weeks and things are really picking up thanks to you, the listeners.

Gary had the line of the day. I said I could not believe that Jerry West would not do the Mark Blount and Gerald Green for Lorenzen Wright deal that was reported in the paper. I said that I would take Corrie Blount and Gerald Green for Lorenzen, to which Gary followed with... "I would take A blunt and Gerald Green for Lorenzen." I agreed.

I went over to media days for the Grizzle on my nizzle and did not learn much I did not know to be honest. It is always pretty standard. I did ask Jerry West about the Gerald Green trade and he said that it was absolutely false and that they never even talked to the Celtics about a deal for Green. Either West is lying, or it was bad info.

Antonio Burks told me that the Jeremy Hunt deal was messed up and that he was with him when the altercation on Beale took place. Burks said that a bouncer was pushing Jeremy's head up against the wall and busted his ear and that is was messed up, that Jeremy wasn't in the wrong. He also told me to put him on the show to tell it... I will try.

Fratello said that Tsakalidis needs to "earn" minutes.

Translation... "Chris Vernon is a genius, the guy should just be the mascot."

Thanks for listening and I will be updating this daily... I promise.