Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Tommy West, Bert Sugar, and Senor Easterwood

Thursdays show will consist of Tommy West, Bert, and Keith. I am excited to get Tommy on the show to talk about this season and many of the points that we, and the fans, have discussed. Tommy will be on at 10:20 tommorow morning.

Today we had some good ones. Grant Wahl from SI was great, fake Jerry Jones was a riot, and Derrick Kellogg was good as usual.

I did go to the Tigers basketball practice yesterday and they have some serious athletes. Players will not be the problem, it will be all the other stuff, like every year. You could certainly argue that this is the best group they have had, but that DuJuan year with Wags, Wise, Massey, Barron, Scoot, Burks, etc. was awesome too, and we all remember what happen then. Its always response and chemistry with this team. They will always have players.