Sunday, October 16, 2005

What a Weekend

This weekend was as good as it gets. The USC/ Notre Dame game was one of the greatest games ever played. It defined "instant classic."

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I was impressed with the attendance for Memphis Madness and Kareem Cooper became my favorite player. Antonio Anderson reminds me of Burks with his build and smile. I hope he plays as well as Burks did.

Good to hear that Jerry West agreed on his extension. That is the best off-season move that the Grizz could have made. He is not done here.

I hate the Astros now. That home plate umpire was employed by them, I know it.

Pujols lost that game by running home on Reggie's crap hit down third.

Someone tell Brad Lidge to stop being Mariano Rivera.

Ole Miss should have beaten Alabama. Alabama was bad, Ole Miss looked a lot better.

I like Brady Quinn as a pro every bit as much as I like Matt Leinhart. Call me crazy.

How can Mike Tice keep his job? Is Dante still good without Moss? HAHAHA. called that one.

Mo Avery for Heisman. He may just save the Memphis season.

Who would have ever thought that the Big Ten plays the most exciting football?

Bert Sugar's new show Ringside on ESPN Classic is awesome. Check it out.

Thanks for listening.