Sunday, November 06, 2005

Elton John and the weekend that was

I got real lucky on Friday when I got a chance to see Elton John at the Forum. The guy was awesome and the sound in the Forum is unreal. By far the best sound of any place in town, and infinitely better than the tin can that was the Pyramid. Elton John puts on a killer show.... very impressive.

Sports notes...

Tennessee is now the best 3-5 team in the nation I guess.

It's been an awful season for the Vols, but give them Auburn's schedule and they are they would be 7-2.

How about Vandy vs. Tenn. for a chance to go to a bowl. And it should be a good game.

Bama is going to lose. They did not look good at all on Saurday.

I have been thinking about this, and haven't heard any Grizzly experts mention...

Pau's time off in the summer is beneficial in a two-fold way. It was good for the rest, which everyone sites, but it was also good to not play the style of international basketball. It is a less physical game and not playing there keeps that out of your system. I have been blown away by his aggressiveness. I hope he sustains this.

LeBron James is the best ticket in sports. anyone listening yet?

Arizona Coach Mike Stoops will get an extension soon. It's the way of the world now.

Why was Andre Allen suspended? As punishment?

Did Dick Vermeil cry when Larry Johnson scored... I couldn't see a good camera shot.

Thanks for listening.