Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Laziness and zone defense

The announcers last night said that "maybe it's that Dwash is not playing, Memphis is without their leader." Also, "they are taking Lamar lightly after the Duke game." These are certainly possible reasons, but the real reasons were laziness, and Lamar was getting back in a zone after made baskets. The tough part is making the buckets, but if you do, and you can set back up in a zone, the Tigers have had trouble so far. It slows the game down. If I am an opponent, I zone up every chance I get and take my chances. That being said, the Tigers are talented enough to overcome that against bad teams. Against the good ones.... we'll see. Bama played zone much more in the second half and played much better.

Why is ESPN the only one that is crazy enough to believe Michael Irvin?

It's Mariucci's fault, right Millen?

Noel Mazzone has the best gig in America. Maybe I got him fired when he was on the show before the Arkansas game and he asked me when I was going to get out of Arkansas. I told him I was trying to get to Memphis but he may have heard that there is a fence around it. Noel breaks out in laughter... Noel is now gone. He can thank me later. I love the guy, and he is going to be our college football analyst starting soon. I am paying him $250,000 of Ole Miss money to do it.

Omar and the Mets are getting a fantasy team.

The 72 Dolphins are going to be everywhere soon. I wish they would get a life.

Check out the Arkansas coach taunting the LSU player in Friday's game. Thanks Doug for the link. Classyshibest.gif‎(712KB)‎

Check out Jeremy Shockey.. sure that he has won. Hilarious... http://sportsbybrooks.com/jeremyshockey.gif

Have a great day.... Verno.