Monday, December 05, 2005

This Liberty Bowl crap is messed up

The Liberty Bowl has been a great friend to Memphis and CUSA.... blah, blah, blah, blah

Fact 1... All Memphians were subject to the Liberty Bowl officials bragging about this new clause that would allow them to pick the team of their choice... not necessarily the champion

Fact 2... That was b.s.

Fact 3... The Liberty Bowl did not have that choice. They had a seperate contract with ESPN that demanded a champion (WHICH OF COURSE WAS INTENTIONALLY NEVER MENTIONED)

Fact 4... Liberty Bowl officials have been on the radio every week for the football season and never mentioned it.

Fact 5... Don't mention the ESPN contract so that you can keep hope alive for Memphis fans and maybe sell some more tickets to Memphians holding out hope

Fact 6... Liberty Bowl officials go on and talk about how much they have done for Memphis and CUSA, deflecting the fact that they let people believe Memphis was a chance.

Fact 7... I don't think Memphis should be in the Liberty Bowl, and it should have been clear that it would have taken extraordinary circumstances to make that happen.

Here, I will be a homer.... The Liberty Bowl is great, I believe everyone involved, Fresno and Tulsa is a great matchup, the Liberty Bowl is Memphis' best friend and mine too.
How retarded.