Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Today Was A Good Day

As Ice Cube once did... Mike Miller decided to mess around and drop a triple-double. I have been saying for a long time that Miller should be the guy getting the second most amount of shots on this team. Pau gets more, and then it should be Miller. He is the best shooter on this team, and one of the best in the NBA. Beyond that, he is totally selfless, and I am glad that he got some credit last night nationally. The Kings are terrible. They made their run at a championship a few years ago, broke it up, and now they are a team with no chance.

Warrick was a nice revelation last night and I would love to see the Warrick/ Pau combo in the frontcourt more in the future (In the year 2000).

Gary had the gory details of how bad the new CUSA is in his article today...

The gory details
6 — Wins by the University of Memphis against teams from the six power conferences
5 — Combined wins by the rest of C-USA against the six power conferences
18 — C-USA's RPI ranking among the Division 1's 32 conferences
7 — C-USA teams with records at or below .500 heading into league play
4-9 — C-USA's record against the Sun Belt Conference (including Memphis's win over MTSU)
5-5 — C-USA's record against the Southland Conference (including Memphis's win over Lamar)

Horrific. I am not sure if they will get two teams in, unless Memphis blows the conference tourney.

At least one Packers source is saying that LenDale White will not make it past them (No. 5). Also, many believe that after Bush, White will be the second back taken. Interesting, considering the first two backs taken last year should have been from the same team (Benson ended up going before Carnell).

Welcome to the ACC Boston College... 0-3 so far.

Read Larry David's column on Brokeback Mountain...

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