Sunday, April 16, 2006

Thanks Albert

That a boy Pujols. 3 jacks yesterday saved the series for the Cardinals. It would have been brutal to lose 2 of 3 to Cincinnati. The pen still stinks, but Albert made up for it.

I went to the Redbirds game on Friday and they won a game. If William Macy was the Cooler, I am the Heater. They lose 9 straight and I am not there, then I go to the game and they win, you splain it. I really didn't care if they won, and to be honest, I end up talking the whole time and mildly paying attention. I never have a bad time there, ever. Autozone Park is still a jewel. Most arenas get uncool pretty quickly, but not that place.

Over the weekend thoughts...

When is Bonds gonna start hitting? Is ESPN really gonna show me every single ab if he stays a sub .200 hitter?

I spent Easter watching every baseball game I could on that Directv package I bought. I watched the Boston/ Seattle game, and with all the roids talk constantly surrounding baseball I questions pretty much everyone.

Which leads me to this... Adrian Beltre. This guy hit 48 HR's and batted in 121, while hitting .334 two years ago. He was a machine. He was locked and was killing the ball every game. I watched that guy yesterday and he was horrific. He had no chance at the plate. What could it be? You tell me. All I know is that is not the same guy at the plate at all.

Adrian Beltre
2004 .334 48 121 .629
2005 .255 19 87 .413

This year he is hitting .119 (or less) and has 0 RBI's. And some say they don't help...

Everyone is starting to get really confident the Grizz will win a playoff game this year because the playoffs are close (did they feel this way a month ago?). Hubie's 50 win team was a better team than this team. I saw them get swept. I will be surprised if the Grizz win more than 1 game against Dallas. Just keepin it real.

I hear that if Shawne Williams leaves, he will sign with super-agent Arn Tellum. I have seen Shawne recently and he wasn't hanging with guys that are telling him to stay in school.

When is Chris Shelton gonna stop hitting homeruns? Seriously.

In the Ipod...

Matisyahu (Youth)
David Gray (Lost songs 91-95)
Ben Harper (Both sides of a Loaded Gun)
White Stripes (Elephant)

It's never about the money here.