Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Good Afternoon

Nice day today. I got some Ipod accessories, washed the car, and got caught up doing crap I never do (i.e. cleaning something). Anyway, here are some thoughts from today...

I really don't care about the Eastern Conf. Finals. I am trying to care, but its tough. I am consumed with the Suns/ Mavs. Or as it is known by me, the best thing to happen to the NBA in 10 years.

The Raptors getting the #1 pick in interesting to me on this front... a Colangelo is now running the show and I will bet you he builds something significant there.

I read the lists and the mocks for this years draft, and the guys that I love are not consummate top 5 guys. Brandon Roy from Washington and Marcus Williams from UConn. Another great pick to me is Shelden Williams. The guy gets the ball, blocks shots, and has good moves. The team that gets that guy gets a great player. Trust me.

People will always talk about "tweeners" but a lot of the time it is crap. Watch the NBA and if you can play, they find a place for you. There is another guy like that, that will get the "tweener" label, and its P.J. Tucker from Texas. He is rated way too low on mocks now. Give me that guy.

God bless Jeff Weinberger. This was my first day off and got to check out my old buddies Fish and Jeff. Holy crap. I have nothing else to say.

Tonight... Taylor Hicks wins American Idol, Randy Johnson gets rocked again, Mavs win Game 1. If any of these are wrong, I will delete this.

In the Ipod...

The Raconteurs..... (Jack White's new band). I love anything with Jack White (White Stripes). This album isn't the White Stripes, but I dig it.

The newest Bruce Springsteen album (Seeger Sessions) ..... still love it, haven't gotten it out yet.

Elton John... Madman Across the Water..... I freely admit that I love this guy and I buy old albums and listen to them and realize that the songs that were not hits are still incredible.

Incubus.... Make Yourself... I listened to this thing too much after college so I revisited it and this CD holds up. One of my favorite songs ever, Consequence, is the third track.

Matisyahu... Youth.... I told you about this guy a long time ago, the Jewish Reggae artist and this is a great BBQ, summer CD. Can't remove it yet. Total chill.

That is enough for now. I have represented my hood, and now I feel whole.

Thanks for listening and I will be on the air tomorrow.