Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Closing out both sides of the trade

Yesterday when Rudy Gay joined us on the show, it closed out both sides of the trade. We were the first show to get Shane Battier on the show after the trade, and the first to get Rudy Gay after the trade. I was really impressed with the attitude and personality of Rudy Gay. He was witty and fun to talk to. Battier was the face of the Grizzlies franchise for good reason, and it will be different not seeing him in a Grizzly uni, but Rudy Gay, on first impression, seemed to be that engaging guy with charisma that people will fall in love with.

I want to thank all of you that are jumping on board with the station, and telling everyone you know. Things are picking up dramatically, and I appreciate all of you that listen. Emails to the station come in on a daily basis commenting on the station. Here is one that we got yesterday. I obviously know nothing about my competition, but I thought the example of yesterdays show was funny. This is the oppurtunity and excitement I wanted. To be a part of something fresh and new. Kevin is our GM.


Just wanted to let you know what a welcome relief your station has been. Sports 56, who I used to be a loyal listener and constant caller, has lately become nothing more than the new AM 790, the voice of the University of Memphis. The reason AM 790 failed was because they were all Tigers, all the time. The addition of Dave Woloshin, the radio voice of the Tigers, to go along with Greg Gaston, the television voice of the Tigers, to go along with George Lapides, the 1930's beat writer for the Tiger's, became too much for most sports fans to bear. While Chris Vernon was interviewing Rudy Gay this afternoon ( a wonderful interview by the way ), the guys at 56 were talking Tiger basketball recruiting for the year 2008. Please stay on the attack, and continue to seperate yourselves from your fast fading competition. Please continue to give us plenty of Grizzly information and other items that are not just U of M related. Unlike the written media in this city, sports talk listeners have a choice. Continue your good work and you will see more and more listeners make the switch to 730 espn radio Memphis.


Today on the show.... Gary Parrish in studio for the show, Keith Easterwood, Chris Herrington