Thursday, July 27, 2006

SEC Media Days ---- Day 1

This is the morning of day 2 in Birmingham. Yesterday, the only thing I will really remember was having Kenneth Darby (RB from Bama) say on the show that he was upset that Kenny Irons and Darren McFadden were both faster than him on NCAA 2007. I think they are faster than him in real life too.

This place is hilarious. I am always baffled at how seriously so many of the radio guys take themselves. I would guess that 50 percent have either have never kissed a girl, or at least not in the last 10-15 years.

The answers that all the coaches give are so predictable. I remember 5 or 6 years ago when I was really into sitting in a room and was in awe of the coaches and players and everything they said. I guess I am getting a little jaded, or maybe its ADD, but I get bored quickly now.

I did not get bored at all with Mike Slive (Commish of SEC) when he was on the show. I thought he was really good and guys with a lot of power intrigue me. I could talk to him about college football and its system for hours and learn a lot. Listening to him always makes me think of how uninformed people can be when they throw out their easy solutions to everything.

Today Spurrier is here. He is in a class above the rest in terms charisma. Spurrier is by far the best, Houston Nutt can be good with the Baptist minister thing, Tuberville is usually good in this setting, Mark Richt was better than I remembered, and the rest are boring.

Today is Ole Miss, Tenn, S. Carolina, and Arkansas. A much better day than yesterday when they put Vandy and Kentucky on the same day (get out the way day).

Ron Higgins says that this is the worst crop of players brought to media days since 1978. I believe him. Usually you get an Eli, or Cutler, or Cadillac, or whoever. This year there are a few names you would even recognize unless you are a big fan of the school they go to. A lack of stars here for sure.

Listen to the show.