Thursday, August 24, 2006

Parrish The Thoughts... copyright pending.

I figure if I have a catchy name for the blog, I will get more readers. Thanks Gary.

Nice debut on national TV for DeAngelo against the Dolphins. 98 yd kick return and he looked warped speed. Another note on this game... I think I have watched the Titans and other crappy teams too much in the preseason, because both the Dolphins and the Panthers defenses looked much faster and better than almost everyone I have seen so far. So what happens when you put a total meathead with zero comprehension of broadcasting on the sidelines or in the booth and give him a headset? You get Tony Siragusa on Fox. Possibly the worst decision I have ever seen made by a network. He talks when he is not supposed to, he burps, he eats, and has never said an intelligent thing. This is like the Lions sticking with Matt Millen. How is he back? How? At least every single game he is on I know I will get the wonderful incite about how hot it is on the field. When is he not hot? He weighs 500 lbs. It is always hot when you are insanely obese.

I am pretty sure I am gonna go see that movie with Marky Mark in it about football, Invincible. I have heard good things, but though I have seen Mark Wahlberg in movies, and I know he is responsible for Entourage, I will never get him punching the heavy bag in a old warehouse out of my head. Come on, come on, comeon, comeon, it's such a good vibration.

I had no idea how awesome Dwight Howard was until I watched him on Team USA. Orlando has been like witness protection.

My Madden addiction is so unhealthy. I should have never bought it.

This weekend, in between Franchise mode, I will put together all of the college football prep. I know, you can hardly wait.

Has anyone ever been more inconsistent at anything than Jason Marquis is at pitching?

I am starting to think that Delina will not win Rock Star Supernova and I think it may be Lucas now. Yes, Storm Large is hot, but she won't win.

Keep it thuggy.