Monday, August 07, 2006

Talladega Nights, Antonio Burks, etc.

I loved Talladega Nights. I had high expectations for this movie and I was not disappointed in the least. Will Ferrell co-wrote the movie, so you know the deal going in. What is the funniest dialogue we can come up with and deliver without laughing? It is much like Anchorman in that I will probably laugh at a ton of different jokes the next time I see it. There is no way that you could catch them all. If you are not a cyborg, you will laugh.

I get a lot of calls and emails about Antonio Burks. It is understandable considering he was a great player at Memphis, he's a homegrown kid, and was a Grizzly. Antonio is not playing for the Grizzlies. Now the question I get a lot is to ask if I have heard anything about what will happen to him. I will tell you that I have talked to people and Sacramento has interest in Burks. They would have to make a roster move, but it is a possibility. It makes some sense considering Eric Musselman is with the Kings now. Burks would be best served to get out of Memphis anyway, personally and professionally.

Tiger Woods is golf.

Did the Cardinals really win? Thank goodness Ben Sheets pulled his pectoral.

I saw that David Wright got a 6 year, 55 mil contract. If someone signs a great player I look at it in Arod terms, which is totally backwards. Is Wright worth half of Arod's deal? Of course he is, good deal.

I was glad to see NFL on NBC. I love the new crew for this. I love Costas, Collinsworth, Madden, Michaels. I bet Bettis will be good because he is likeable, and I cannot stand Sterling Sharpe. All in all, its a good crew.

Congrats to Matt Cain on the career high 12 K's.

Jeter over Big Papi for MVP? Discuss amongst yourself.