Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Now that is some high praise

Kevin Scarbinsky, the fantastic columnist from the Birmingham News, writes about the Coach O Song in his article today. (thank you to Chadd (the man Cowherd calls The Compass) from Colin Cowherd's show for the heads up).

Here is what was in the article...

"Orgeron is more than the Ole Miss football coach. He's a cautionary tale college presidents tell each other over tea. He's a ghost story athletics directors tell their children at night.
He's the heart and soul of the greatest parody of a college football coach in the history of college football. And parodies.
If you've watched the smash Internet video called Colonel Reb is Crying, you've laughed until you cried.
Unless you're an Ole Miss fan. In which case you were already weeping. "

Mentions everywhere from papers, to CBS, to ESPN, etc. Rece Davis (hero) mentions it at every chance. I have a feeling I will never top this, ever. Thank you to all of you that ever sent a copy somewhere.

UPDATE-- thanks to CBKnox for the link. Clay Travis from CBS Sportsline had this to say...

"Orgeron doesn't do himself any favors by sounding like the Incredible Hulk if the Incredible Hulk spoke with a small ferret attempting to escape from his esophagus. Which leads me to the link below that dozens of people have e-mailed me: Please watch this. I beg of you. If tears aren't streaming down your face by the time this song ends, you need to seriously reconsider your life.
Without a doubt the funniest song about an SEC coach in football history

If you have seen any others, let me know. I was told it was in a Top 10 at a paper in Alabama and could not find it.