Friday, October 06, 2006

Philanthropy (The Picks)

Verno's Christian Laettner my buddy owns this team, buy your own Parlay
D-- Duke +30 over Bama
U-- UAB -5 over Memphis (donate these winnings to school please)
K-- Kansas City -3 over Arizona
E-- East Carolina -6 over Virgini

Verno's Pick of the Millenium Baby Spinach Pick (a million stars)
Louisville -29.5 over MTSU (friday)

Verno's bonus Picks (cause I love da kids) Vandy, Navy

Gary's OCD Parlay
O-- Okie St -2.5 over K State
C-- Cincy -6 over Akron
D-- Duke +30 over Bama

Gary's Don't Screw Next Weekend Lock of Decade
Florida -1 over LSU

Bert Sugar Picks (Over 80% on show this year, 5-0 last week)
LSU +1 over Florida
Tenn -2.5 over Georgia
Texas A&M -2 over Kansas
Rice -2.5 over Tulane
Vandy -1.5 over Ole Miss

Coyote Ugly Pick of Week is KC -3 over Arizona

Have a great weekend. You now have no excuse to be struggling financially. Holla.