Monday, November 27, 2006

Grizzlies news while I was gone, etc...

I read the article about the Brian Davis group and how they are going to (gasp) cut payroll and try to maintain a good product while not hemorrhaging money. It seems as Grizzlies fans are really scared about what this ownership group will do with the team. Count me as one that is not scared. The Grizzlies have had a stupid payroll for their last few years. The great teams in the NBA have reasonable payrolls, but they also have the ability to get FA's to sign at a reasonable price, which Memphis may never be able to do. There is no debating that it will be really hard to build a championship contender in Memphis. You have to either have a player that people think they can win a championship with, or play a style that will help them make more money in the future (think Toronto) to even have a chance.

It seems to me that everyone is disenchanted by the Davis group because of the articles written in the CA, yet we never hear from Davis. If I was him, I would talk. I know this... when guys don't talk to the media, they become targets to be portrayed however anyone that wants to talk about them wants them to be portrayed. That is what is happening with the Davis Group. I am withholding judgement until I hear from them. This idea that the local ownership should come in and save the day is a nice thought, but also worthy of questioning. What basketball acumen do any of them have? What makes anyone think that they would pay Jerry West and he would stay? The local owners come in on a white horse and save the city from the evil outsider trying to ruin and move the team, ahahhahahahahaha. I like the idea of an outsider, so I am rooting for the Davis group to work. Memphis has a problem with a small town mentality, and many always want to keep it that way. I could list 1000 examples, but I do not have time. Suffice to say that 7 years ago you could find anyone to tell you that the NBA would come to Memphis. Ever. I will update these thoughts as I hear more about the Davis group, and (novel idea) hear from them.

Peter Vescey said yesterday in his article that the Celtics were interested in acquiring Pau Gasol. Immediately everyone discredited Vescey by saying "he never gets anything right." Which is totally ridiculous. He puts out a ton of information and some is not right, but Peter Vescey is not Peter Vescey by consistently getting everything wrong. So anyway, the messenger was killed instead of dealing with the message. Here is the point... is Boston interested in Gasol... I absolutely believe that.

For the record, if I could get a great return on a trade for Pau, I would do it. The team is not going anywhere with him.

I would trade Miller for Maggette. Could Maggette score in May? We don't know about Maggette but we know Miller cannot.

Alabama better come up with a great hire this time.

I have long been in favor of adding one game to the end of the bowl season and have said it would provide a fantastic ending to the best regular season in sports. Now we would have Ohio St. vs. Florida, Michigan vs. USC and then one more game. Sounds perfect.

Mark McGwire is on the baseball HOF ballot but will never get in. It only takes 25% of the voters to keep a guy out. He never gets in.

Carlos Lee is comparable in stats to Chris Duncan. Carlos Lee just signed with the Astros for 100 Million. Lord help us all.

Listen to the show and your life will change.