Friday, December 22, 2006

Seriously, could I have been more right

Yesterday on crown em/ clown em, I decided to crown Greg Paulus even before last nights game vs. Gonzaga. I love this guy. I said he would pound Gonzaga and Ravio would do nothing. Guess what? He killed them, and Ravio had 4 pts. Paulus had a career high 20 and dove into the scorers table twice. The guy is bleeding from the head, gets stiches, and comes back in the game. If you don't like this kid there is something wrong with you. Oh, and this is perfect... Check out what Gary was forced to write about him after last night. Justice prevails, and more people learn to never doubt me. I am trying to improve your sports brain... just let me. I tried to make this clear when I gave this speech a few weeks ago. Just let go and submit to my incredible brain.