Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Can anything better happen?

Yesterday when we got a call from Andy Wise out of nowhere, and we knew we had it workin. Andy Wise from channel 3, one of the show favorites, calls in and I thought I should just retire. I should just walk away. I thought nothing better could ever happen... until today.

Cory B. Trotz called in out of nowhere. The man. Cory B. Trotz. The Heavy Hitter. Holler at your boy. I have no idea what could happen that would be better, what could be any funnier? Any suggestions as to what could possibly be more impressive? I cannot think of anything. What can possibly happen next? I should probably quit. I have reached the pinnacle of broadcasting in Memphis. The Chris Vernon Show-- what the stars are listening to. Cory B, Andy Wise, and you. Represent.

WOODY-- the listener that claims that Mark McGwire got snubbed by the HOF voters because he has an impressive physique and writers are jealous of great bodies was on the show and debated with the callers. It is broken into two parts. This guy is great. Enjoy.

Woody Segment Part 1

Woody Segment Part 2