Sunday, January 28, 2007

OFFICIAL: Randy Fichtner leaving Tigers for Steelers (CVERNON.COM EXCLUSIVE)

I just got off the phone with Randy and he wanted to express his apologies for not being able to say anything about leaving when I asked him at the end of the week. But Fichtner is, in fact, leaving the University of Memphis. He will be on the show tomorrow barring a problem with the time of his meetings.

He is going to be the wide receivers coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers. As many of you know, he told me at the end of the week that there was nothing going on (coaches will do this, even to friends). He was still recruiting for the school and nothing was concrete, therefore, he wanted nothing said. He set the record straight tonight. When he denied it, he was looking out for the best interest of Tommy and the team.

I appreciate him calling me and telling me. He was in the airport headed to Pittsburgh tonight and he meets with the Rooney's tomorrow to sign a contract. He expresses deep gratitude to Tommy West and everyone at Memphis, and told me that he thought the recruiting class was really good and he was proud of it. It is official though, Fichtner is leaving.

I wish him all of the luck in the world. Randy was good for the Tigers in 2 differents stints, and I for one, will miss him being here. Now the Tigers need 2 coordinators.