Thursday, January 25, 2007

This is out of control (I love Spain, Part 2)

Between the posts on here and the emails I have gotten, this is crazy. It is a song. Pau is a basketball player. He asked to be traded. Then he said he loved Memphis and wanted to be here. Do you see how people would be upset? You either want to be traded or you do not, right? The people from Spain that have posted on here take Pau, basketball, and jokes waaaaaaaay too seriously. You should be ashamed. It is embarrassing and shows that you cannot take a joke. Fire away with more insults and threats, and then please go get a life. Why can you not laugh at yourselves? You see, in America, we joke around. It is not meant to insult all of Spain. It is goofing on a situation that happens to involve someone from Spain. We joke about Americans too. The Spanish reaction has been embarrassing and childish. I don't expect you to like the song, but stop taking things so seriously. Also, why does Pau always check for blood? Is that a Spanish thing?