Sunday, January 14, 2007

Vote or Die (isn't that what P Diddy said?)

Go Vote for the blog. You can find other nominees and VOTE HERE. If I don't win this thing after over a quarter million downloads of "Colonel Reb is Crying" I am gonna kick a cat. Actually, the cat that is on top of my car right now outside. Come to think of it, I am gonna kick that cat either way for tracking all over my car, but vote for me anyway or else I may do something else.
If you vote for me, I will come over to your house and kick the cat of your choice.

Also: Wright Thompson from just sent me his breaking news about Jerrell Powe re-signing with Ole Miss . I was always confused with this story. Why did his Mom say he could not read if he could? And how is he getting into school now? I bet he has been listening to the Chris Vernon Show and got a lot smarter very quickly.