Friday, February 09, 2007

DeSoto Civic Center ELITE XC Event

The response to acquire tickets for the event Saturday night was the greatest I have seen for anything I have given away since I have been in Memphis. Calls, emails, and personal phone calls for the last 3 weeks have been totally overwhelming. It has continued into tonight. If you have not gotten tickets yet, you still can. DeSoto Civic Center @ 5 oclock is when the party jumps off-- get there early if you can. We will have music, free food, free drinks (kegs), ESPN girls, more girls, and a lot of the people you hear on the show regularly will be in attendance. You have to be there or you will regret it forever. I will take pictures so it can be rubbed in later. Showtime is coming to the party and looking for good looking people to sit up front for the cameras. Get dressed up and maybe you can score some tix for free. Otherwise, buy some. My whole crew will be in one of the suites, come find me and I will let you know so any of you can stop by. This is gonna be wild. I cannot wait to watch guys punch each other in the face. DeSoto Civic Center - Starts at 5-- do it, do it.