Sunday, February 25, 2007

Kentucky loses to Vandy, Katman2000 reacts (Reality TV at its finest)

I love Katman 2000. It is one thing to get on a message board or call into a talk show and bag on your team or your coach. It is taken to another level when you put it on video. Maybe you have seen this guy before, but until listener and Vandy student William sent it my way, I had not. This is an older Kentucky fan (Katman 2000)with his thoughts after the Wildcats lost to Vandy on Sunday. I will warn you that he does use profanity. I could not stop watching this and laughing along. I think what I love the most is that this is reality TV at its finest. The name he refers to Tubby Smith as, his thoughts on Senior night coming up, and the song at the end are all classic. This is my new favorite TV Show, I have to go back and watch the previous episodes. Enjoy.

Update: Katman2000 taken off of youtube. HERE IS THE NEW LINK