Friday, February 16, 2007

Vegas is sleeping on Mike Miller, etc.

The 3 pt contest is this weekend and Vegas is sleeping on our boy Mike Miller. He is one of the real longshots to win the contest (+550). The only one less likely (according to Vegas) to win the contest is Jason Terry. PROP OF THE YEAR! hahahaha. I love Miller's chances to win this thing. Here are the odds for everything on all-star weekend. Arenas would be my choice to win without homerism, but I am rooting for a Grizzly to win something this year.

Scottie Pippen says he wants to come back and jump on board with a contender. He seems like a Spur to me, but I really could care less. He needs to sign with an athletic team where team speed is not the problem (remember how slow Dallas made the Spurs look last year). The Spurs don't need him, but it seems like the kind of guy they would sign if they think he could play. Maybe Philly J would grab him in LA? I guess being a horrific analyst did not work out for Pippen.

I don't agree with Tim Hardaway that the majority of players agree with him. I don't think the majority of players hate gay people, but I do think the majority of players would be very uncomfortable with a gay player on their team.

Dick Bavetta is going to demoralize Charles Barkley when they race on Sat. night.

Memphis playing @ Gonzaga is the most excited I have been to watch a game since Duke/ Carolina. I love the guard Pargo (reminds me of Kyle Lowry) from Gonzaga and think he could be a big problem with dribble drive and grabbing boards. Pargo is the guy to watch for Gonzaga. The funniest thing I hear is that "they are a wounded animal, so watch out." With Heytvelt they are pretty good, without him, not so much. Memphis should win this game if they are a top 10 team. They need this game. I think it could be a 2 seed swing dependent on the outcome.

Have a good weekend.