Sunday, March 11, 2007

How flattering (CV Show Fan Network?)

One of our listeners, Ryan, has put together a website for fans of the show. It looks pretty cool considering it is about me. The fact that there is a message board is cool because, as many of you know, that is something I lost when I changed over from a website to a blog. You can meet other people that dig the show at Go check it out and sign up if you like. And a big thanks to Ryan for the flattering gesture. If 5 people admit they listen I will be thrilled (and Ryan will know he is not the only one that listens, shhhhhh). Anyway, you might meet some cool people of like-mind, and thanks.

I am out for Monday, Eric Hasseltine (voice of Grizz) will fill in. Call in and send him some emails and make it easier on him than you do me.