Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Larry Brown? Oh, please no.

I have seen enough boring basketball for the rest of my life. Larry Brown is a guy that you hand a ready-made team to and you let him take you over the top. In the column in the Commercial Appeal it was mentioned that there would be no one better to teach the young players. Really? You want Larry Brown coaching a young team? Larry Brown is a winner. That is nice. Mike Fratello wins games too. That was a lot of fun, right? The one thing that is promising is that I guarantee that he would hate Pau, and they would have no choice but to move him eventually. Unfortunately, I also think he could be a psyche killer for the young guys. Do you think that Brown will be willing to make investments in the young players in order for it to pay off later, or will he want to win immediately? You have to have patience will this group. This team is not ready to win big... and that is when you hire Larrry Brown. You hire that guy to take you over the top. Please Michael Heisley, don't spend a ton of money to get this guy. Hiring Larry Brown is the surest bet to have boring games. That is what I care about. Tell me the last time that you had fun watching a Larry Brown team play? It is absolute torture. I watched him coach in a playoff game that was won 69-65. It is burned in my head. I really hope this idea goes nowhere.